New Paddington Restaurant Elementi First to Offer ‘Baciata’ Pizza Sandwiches

The new Italian restaurant Elementi, which has now opened its doors for dine-in customers, is the first restaurant in Paddington to offer the baciata — a curious yet delectable sandwich-like dish that’s not quite a pizza and not quite a calzone.

Though the restaurant was open solely for takeout earlier in February 2021, Elementi now offers the community an authentic Italian dine-in experience, and it intends to differentiate itself from the other Italian restaurants in the area by offering a unique dish unheard of in Brisbane.

Elementi’s baciata is a meal that consists of crispy flat focaccia filled with buffalo mozzarella cheese, mortadella, pistachio, and lemon juice. The sandwich special is so large that Elementi recommends a single order should be split between two people, pricing the meal at $40. 

Similar to baciata, Elementi also serves panotto caprese: a large pizza panini filled with diced tomatoes, truffle stracciatella cheese, and fresh basil. The meal is priced at $23, and is good enough for one person. 

Elementi’s panotto caprese
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Baciata and panotto aren’t the only things on the menu, however. Elementi also takes pride in their pasta dishes such as their linguine pasta with tiger prawns, garlic, chili, tomato sugo, and grated fish roe for $26. The restaurant also offers a nice pizza stracciata, which incorporates tomato, stracciatella, prosciutto, and arugula for $24.

Elementi’s Pizza Stracciata
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Elementi’s dine-in services and bar opened on the 15th of March 2021. The restaurant offers their full menu with a curated selection of Italian wine, as well as local craft beer.

A small sample of Elementi’s wine selection.
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Elementi is located at 257 Given Terrace, Brisbane, open every day of the week with the exception of Tuesday. For more information, visit their website. Follow their social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates on meals, deals, dates, and other important announcements.