‘Little Angel’ Lara: Best Father’s Day gift for Broncos Dad Jordan Pereira

Brisbane Broncos winger and Herston local Jordan Pereira says that because of his growing family, the way he prepares for NRL games has changed.

Jordan and his wife Sarah welcomed their second child, 3.2-kg bundle of joy Lara Suzie, into the world at Mater Mothers’ Hospital, just in time for Father’s Day. 

The 30-year-old winger said his daughter’s arrival on 21 June 2023 had “softened me up a bit,” adding that her arrival had unlocked another side of him.

“I’m a pretty simple person when it comes to special events or days – all I need is good food and company,” he said. “I’ll be over the moon to spend the day with my little family.”

“She’s the best baby ever. She does everything perfectly – she eats and sleeps well,” he added.

“Lara is polar opposites to our son Myles – he is two years old and he is a rough little bruiser! Lara helps balances things out, she’s just an easy baby.”

Jordan Pereira First Father's Day with new baby
Photo Credit: Supplied

Jordan said since having children, the way he prepared for NRL football games had changed.

“I used to prioritise myself before a game, and only myself, but you can’t take time off being a father,” he said.

“Now I have a clear mind going onto the footy field but a slightly more relaxed approached towards game days.”

Mr Pereira said his family was “definitely complete” and described the care they received at Mater Mothers’ Hospital as the “best”.

“If our family wasn’t complete, we’d definitely come back to Mater, even if we were living in another state! We loved everything about our journey there.”

Mater Mothers’ Hospitals is one of Australia’s largest and most advanced maternity services, delivering more than 12,000 babies every year.

Published 4-Sept-2023