Aged Care Community Receives New Electronic Pets With Student Fundraiser

Students from Kelvin State Grove College recently held a fundraiser and worked hard to raise enough funds for the purchase of three new electronic pets for the Carinity Hilltop aged care community. 

The donation was made possible by the Kelvin State Grove College Junior School’s student representative council (SRC). The students were able to raise a grand total of $700, which allowed Carinity Hilltop to purchase three new electronic companion pets. 

According to Carinity Hilltop Diversional Therapist Lois Healy, these lifelike electronic devices “…move and sound like real animals and respond to petting and hugging,” and that they provide “…great comfort and joy for older seniors.” Currently, the school is hosting a contest for students to name one of the companion pets, a dog. 

Abbie Duncan, one of the students who set up fundraisers with the help of her fellow council members, talks enthusiastically about their project. 

“Our SRC teachers asked for us to come up with some ideas for what we could fundraise for, for our free dress day that was coming up, and we wanted to support something in the local community,” says Abbie. 

Kelvin Grove State College student Abbie Duncan and Carinity Hilltop aged care resident Betty Wright with the companion pets.
Photo credit: Carinity Hilltop

Once she finishes school, Abbie aspires to become a medical engineer who intends to design new medical equipment that could potentially be used in aged care settings. “I think it’s important to be involved and part of the community because we’re all neighbours,” says Abbie. 

Ramandeep Gill, the Carinity Hilltop Residential Manager, is grateful for the attention and support. 

“Our residents and staff thank the school students for their very generous donation. We look forward to more collaborations in the future,” he said.

Carinity Hilltop is located at 23 Rochester Terrace. For more information, visit their website here or follow the Carinity Facebook page