Every Cat Lady’s Dream, Yarning with Cats at Red Hill’s Cat and Cuddle Cafe

Cat-lovers and knitting enthusiasts, unite! Every cat lady’s dream place, the Cat Cuddle Cafe is holding a fundraiser event called Yarning with Cats on Musgrave Road, on the 25th of May. Knit and crochet amidst your furry, feline friends in this popular Red Hill meow spot.

Photo credit: Cat Cuddle Cafe / Facebook
Photo credit: Cat Cuddle Cafe / Facebook

Yarning with Cats will teach event-goers the basics of knitting or crochet. Experienced knitters are welcome to participate and share their techniques. The event includes yarn, hooks and needles, and connecting with the cats inside the cafe for only $25. Only 10 people are allowed to join the event, so if interested participants have to sign up now.

Over Two Decades of Rescuing Cats

Cat Cuddle Cafe is Brisbane’s first Cat Cafe run by Pussies Galore Rescue. All the cats and kittens in the cafe are up for adoption.

Pussies Galore Rescue was established 25 years ago by Katrina Balson and the small rescue organisation has been saving the lives of cats all over Brisbane. Their aim is to create a safe haven for these cats. They also follow a no-kill policy.

The Cafe

Cat Cuddle Cafe opened in 2015, as part of Ms Balson dream to have a cafe that will allow the Pussies Galore cats to connect with other cats and cat lovers.

The cafe is divided into two parts: a giant long playroom is where customers can sit down and play with the cats, and a dining area is where customers can enjoy a cup of tea with some delicious treats.

Customers who wish to cuddle and play with the cats are charged $12 per hour. They offer only a small selection of cruelty-free snacks such as Cloverly Cupcakes and Bliss Balls.

There are sodas, teas, and a selection of coffee to quench one’s thirst. Customers are allowed to take their food into the cat room.

The cat room is adorned with retro furniture and the walls are lined up with shelves of cat books, while the floors are filled with cat toys. There is also a large spinning wheel from Run Cat Run. Those looking for fresh air can check out the outdoor caged balcony with its amazing views.

Children under the age of 7 years old are not allowed in the cafe.

Helping by Adoption

Those who are interested in adopting a cat can tell Ms Balson and be placed on a list of potential adopters. First, though, you must pass a test that Ms Balson describes as the “Spanish Inquisition.” The thorough screening helps their organisation ensure that their feline pets are going to be with a good family. This also ensures that the adopter is committed to the endeavor “for life” (or until both the cat and their human shall live).

Raising Funds

Pussies Galore Rescue is also a part of the Animal Rescue Support Network. This means that they are supporters of all animals, not just cats. Like most animal rescue operations, they have limited funds and rely on volunteers and donations.

Photo credit: Cat Cuddle Cafe / Facebook
Photo credit: Cat Cuddle Cafe / Facebook

To help fund the organisation, the cafe holds fundraiser events at least once a week. The money that’s earned through the various fundraising events goes mostly to vet bills and cat food.

Donations are more than welcome. You can donate money by clicking here or you can donate goods. Click for the list of items that they need.

If you are interested in adopting a cat, you can email them at adoptions@catcuddlecafe.com
For businesses or individuals who wish to sponsor a cat, contact@catcuddlecafe.com
If you want to be a foster carer, send an email at fostering@catcuddlecafe.com

Photo credit: https://oliveandclo.com.au