Treat Your Pooch to Beer for Doggies at Paddington’s Atticus Finch Cafe

No need to feel sorry that you have to leave your dog behind when Happy Hour strikes. Atticus Finch Cafe in Paddington lets you and your dog enjoy a drink together.

Atticus Finch Cafe is not just a dog-friendly café. From Friday to Sunday, starting 4 p.m, the cafe turns into a bar serving drinks for humans and dogs alike.

In many ways, the cafe is unique. Named after the protagonist in To Kill a Mockingbird, this tiny cafe located at Latrobe Terrace, will easily give you the impression that it’s a place with a heart.

(Photo credit: Atticus Finch Cafe/Festival)

Regulars come here not only for its coffee. The food is top-notch as well. On top of that, this is a must-visit place for any dog-loving human who wants to treat their furry friend to outdoor dining every now and then.

There is a lot of seats on the outdoor deck and every dog is welcome to relax and sit down with their human.

Doggies Drink Up

On weekends, busy folks can cap their work week with a jug of beer at Atticus Finch Cafe. The best thing is that they can bring their dogs to the bar. Atticus Finch serves a top selection of craft beers for humans and Beerdog’s Bitter for the dogs.

Aptly dubbed as “Nectar of the Dogs,” Beerdog’s Bitter is a sure hit with the doggies.

Don’t worry about your dog getting drunk. The drink is non-alcoholic and is made from 100% AQIS certified Australian beef. Ingredients are all natural and there are no preservatives, so the beverage is safe for your dog.

Get directions to Atticus Finch Cafe.


(Photo credit: Beerdog’s Brewhouse/Facebook)