Paddington Gets Several Street Upgrades to Prevent Speeding Motorists

Speeding motorists are giving Paddington cause for concern and road upgrades have been made to solve the problem. The Great George St upgrade in Paddington is finally complete. The $268,000 project improves the safety of the residents and helps them get to their homes much quicker. This new upgrade also opens new travel options for motorists.

The upgrade comes on the heels of requests from residents for measures to help prevent the speeding of the motorists along the stretch and avoid any accidents in the future.

The Brisbane City Council has invested $1.3 billion over four years for more than 90 road projects. This also includes upgrades on Barbour Rd and Philips St.

The upgrade includes side-street splitter islands and two new slow points, improvements in the intersection at the Lower Cairns Tce service road and a fresh slab of paint on line markings and signs. There are also upgrades on street lighting.

This is not the first time that a road in Paddington has been given an upgrade this year. In May, a high number of illegal driving behaviour was recorded on Latrobe Terrace and other roads in Brisbane. This has prompted Lord Mayor Graham Quirk to release the first flashing traffic warning sign as part of a $3.2 million program to improve road safety.

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Such signs will light up with ‘slow down; in LEDs when a vehicle approaches. Each council ward was allocated $28,000 for each year over the course of four years to purchase and install these signs.

In 2016, a road safety campaign that involved wheelie bins and life-sized child stickers were placed in the suburb to encourage motorists to slow down.

Based on recent research conducted by the Bureau of Infrastructure and Regional Development, Queensland road fatalities have increased to 242 in 2016. It shows that accidents are more likely to occur during the weekdays and during daylight hours when kids are most likely crossing the roads.