Watch Out For The Yellow Umbrella on Ewart Street in Paddington For Some Fresh Produce Up For Grabs

A Paddington family on Ewart Street uses a yellow umbrella placed outside their gate to let people know that they have fresh produce from their backyard ready to share with their neighbours.

Photo credit: Yellow Umbrella Produce 4064 / Facebook

Once the yellow umbrella is up, that means that they have extra fresh produce to share with their neighbours. They also update via Facebook to let their neighbours know what’s on-hand. People can pay what they want and Ms Simpson also said that there are times that they get IOU notes, which are fine with them as well.

The Simpsons family started the Yellow Umbrella Produce as a community initiative and it is already gaining a lot of attention from locals. They have grown plenty of fruits and vegetables in their backyard. To prevent them from going to waste, they decided to share. This has also helped the family meet their neighbours and connect with them.

Photo credit: Yellow Umbrella Produce 4064 / Facebook

Most days, nothing is left in the little yellow basket under the yellow umbrella that they place outside their house.

Following this great initiative, some of their neighbours on the same street have also started the Curry Cup. Families make curry from scratch and come together to eat and vote for the best curry in the batch.

With such heartwarming ideas, Sundays in Ewart Street have become great bonding days among neighbours and locals.