Little Kickers to Launch Pre-school Football Programme in Paddington

Want to give your child a headstart at learning football? Start them young with the help of Little Kickers, which will be launching football classes for kids in Paddington from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Monday, 11 June 2018.

Considered as the world’s biggest and most successful pre-school football academy, Little Kickers provides football programme for kids aged 18 months to seven years.

Credit: Little Kickers/YouTube

Their classes are based on the principles of play not push, so they are filled with excitement, adventure, and imaginative play. You may see your child score goals, but to them, they are either launching cannon balls or feeding a hungry crocodile.

Little Kickers was founded by Christine Stanschus in the UK in 2002. She saw the need for a pre-school football program that was both fun and educational whilst creating a love for physical activity that carries into adulthood.

Now, Lisa Granshaw is bringing Little Kickers to West Brisbane. Lisa has been with Little Kickers for seven years working as a coach. Being a Taringa/Indooroopilly resident for more than five years, she is excited to launch her business in the local community.

Lisa Granshaw, owner/coach of Little Kickers West Brisbane. Photo credit: Supplied

“I love having a job where I can unleash my inner-child and make a fool of myself to capture the attention of a room full of kids (and to the amusement of their parents) is beyond a dream come true,” she said.

“I have found my role as a coach very rewarding. I have watched the shyest of children grow into confident, independent kids that count down the hours until their next class,” she added.

Lisa has a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sports Science from UQ and she knows the importance of health and fitness, particularly from a young age. She said, “I just want to help kids develop a positive relationship with physical activity that hopefully follows them to adulthood.”

Little Kickers will be launching their classes at Paddington Community Hall on Monday. They are offering a Free Trial class for families to ensure they love the classes before enrolling.

To learn more about their classes, visit their website or call Lisa on 0452 470 202. Check out their Facebook page for updates.