Rosalie Village: New Public Artwork Unveiled Celebrating Community and Culture

Artists Eleanor and James Avery have unveiled a contemporary sculpture in Rosalie Village,  highlighting the area’s commitment to community spirit and creative expression. The new artwork emphasises Rosalie Village’s rich history and social fabric and signifies a significant advancement in enhancing public spaces through artistic collaboration and community involvement.

Responding to the community’s insights and collaborating with the public art curator Artfully, Eleanor and James crafted “Rosie-Lee” (2023). 

This artwork celebrates Rosalie Village’s identity by incorporating local history, geographical references, and the area’s social culture into its design. The sculpture represents a meeting point that connects the past, present, and future, and it includes elements that reflect the local café culture as well as the area’s natural and architectural beauty.

“Rosie-Lee” is a sculpture that pays tribute to Rosalie’s exceptional personality. The artwork comprises three rose-shaped forms made of painted aluminium and stainless steel. 

The 2-meter-tall structure draws inspiration from various local elements such as the rose windows of the nearby Sacred Heart Church and the historical Red Jacket Swamp, now known as Gregory Park. The design of the sculpture is a clever play on Australian rhyming slang, with “Rosie-Lee” representing “cup of tea,” which symbolizes social gatherings and community connectivity.

Eleanor and James Avery Rosie-Lee Rosalie Village
Photo Credit: BCC

In late 2023, Brisbane City Council completed a streetscape improvement project to revitalise the Rosalie Village in Paddington. This initiative sought to transform the area into an attractive, comfortable, and connected hub for locals and visitors. The project is part of the broader Village Precinct Projects program, reflecting the Council’s dedication to fostering vibrant neighbourhoods.

The process began in September 2022 when the Council invited the local community to contribute ideas for public space improvements. Through phases of feedback collected in February and September 2023, residents voiced their support for upgrades that would enhance the streetscape’s amenity, accessibility, and safety. This inclusive approach ensured the project accurately reflected the community’s needs and desires.

The streetscape project has introduced several enhancements to Rosalie Village, including:

  • Upgraded footpaths for better accessibility and connectivity.
  • New garden beds and additional street trees to improve the area’s visual appeal.
  • The installation of new seating, urban stools, bins, and bike racks.
  • Enhanced pedestrian and traffic safety through additional signage and line marking.
  • Commissioned public art to boost the area’s aesthetic and identity.

These improvements are expected to significantly contribute to the quality of life in Rosalie Village, making it a more inviting and vibrant place for everyone.

Eleanor and James Avery Rosie-Lee Rosalie Village
Before the installation of Rosie-Lee
Photo Credit: BCC

To discover more about the Rosalie Village, Paddington public art installation “Rosie-Lee” by Eleanor and James Avery, residents and visitors are encouraged to engage with the space and explore its cultural offerings.

Published 28-March-2024