Keeping the ANZAC Memory Alive in Red Hill: Brisbane Church’s Stained Glass Masterpiece

Inside St Barnabas’ Anglican Church in Red Hill, a stunning stained glass window stands as a poignant tribute to those who served in the Gallipoli campaign during World War I, capturing the powerful imagery that defined the first ANZAC Day memorial service held in the city in 1916.

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The window’s design is based on the artwork that graced the front cover of the program for that inaugural ANZAC Day service over a century ago. 

Photo credit: St Barnabas Anglican Church Red Hill Brisbane Australia/Facebook

It depicts a solemn procession of soldiers and sailors from the various Allied forces that fought together at Gallipoli – an Australian infantryman, Royal Australian Navy and Royal Navy sailors, a New Zealand Maori soldier, an Indian soldier, and a French soldier. 

Photo credit: St Barnabas Anglican Church Red Hill Brisbane Australia/Facebook

During the first ANZAC Day march in Brisbane on 25 April 1916, a large crowd lined the streets and filled the balconies of surrounding buildings to watch a parade of soldiers on horseback, with the buildings decorated in flags, pennants, and a banner that read ‘Enlist Now.’

The first Anzac day parade in Brisbane, outside Brisbane’s General Post Office in Queen Street, 1916 (Photo credit: National Archives of Australia)

Their faces are etched with the stoicism and determination that defined the ANZACs, their uniforms and equipment meticulously rendered in vibrant shades of colour that breathe life into the scene.

Photo credit: St Barnabas Anglican Church Red Hill Brisbane Australia/Facebook

Dedicated in December 2018 by the Most Reverend Dr Phillip Aspinall, the Archbishop of Brisbane at the time, in the presence of then Governor of Queensland, Paul de Jersey AC, the window’s installation was proudly supported by the Queensland Government. It now stands as one of the many war memorials throughout Brisbane that bear witness to the great losses of the war.

Former governor Paul de Jersey with St Barnabas Anglican Church priest, Rev Bill Colbrahams at the Heroes of Anzac window (Photo credit: St Barnabas Anglican Church Red Hill Brisbane Australia/Facebook)

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For the parishioners of St Barnabas’ and visitors to the church’s Anzac Chapel, the stained glass window offers a moment of quiet reflection and reverence. It is a tangible connection to the history that unfolded a century ago, preserving the iconic imagery of that first ANZAC Day for generations to come.

Published 10-April-2024

Appeals Court Rules in Favour of Removing Behemoth Billboard in Red Hill

Brisbane lawyer Richard Leahy has emerged victorious in a 3-year legal battle that had reached the Supreme Court over the construction of an imposing 11-metre-high billboard right outside his residence on Musgrave Rd in Red Hill.

In mid-20202, Mr Leahy, an experienced litigation solicitor, objected when a colossal digital billboard was built on Musgrave Road, obstructing the picturesque city views from his property.

Standing at an imposing 5.3 meters wide and 11.3 meters high, the billboard instantly became an unwelcome addition to the neighbourhood skyline.

Upon contesting the construction, Mr Leahy discovered that Brisbane City Council had not taken into account mandatory considerations, including the impact on views from neighbouring properties.

Mr Leahy took the matter to court and in 2022, the Brisbane Supreme Court ruled in his favour, ordering Council to revoke its approval of the billboard’s construction and revisit the matter while considering all relevant factors.

However, Council decided to take the matter up with the Court of Appeals. The appeal has now been dismissed by the Court, and the Supreme Court’s judgment reaffirmed, with further instructions for Council to cover Mr Leahy’s legal costs.

In their denial of the appeal, the appeal judges highlighted that Council had access to an expert report that explicitly identified Mr Leahy’s property as one directly affected by the proposed billboard, emphasising that advertisements should not obstruct or dominate the views of neighbouring properties or compromise their overall amenity.

Council’s approval of the massive billboard, without providing any prior warning or opportunity for objection, has now been deemed a violation of procedural fairness by the Supreme Court.

Despite the court’s ruling, the enormous electronic billboard continues to loom over Musgrave Road, advertising various companies such as Qantas, Royal Caribbean, and Great Northern beer on its expansive 42-square-meter screen.

In light of the court decisions, a Council spokesperson said it will still review the decision delivered on 20 June 2023. 

Published 29-June-2023

Red Hill Resident Wins Case Against Billboard Installation Next to His House

Red Hill resident Richard Leahy has won his dispute with Brisbane City after he sued over a towering billboard installation next to his house along Musgrave Road.

In 2018, Council approved the billboard installation spanning 11.3-metre high and 5.3-metre wide. The size of the installation essentially blocked Mr Leahy’s view of the skyline from his cottage home and, as a resident, he was not notified of this approval. 

By 2020, a billboard was indeed erected on the site thus Mr Leahy, who is a litigation lawyer,  took the matter to court. 

Council, however, argued that Mr Leahy took time to object to the billboard installation when he sued the city in November 2021. However, the lawyer said he did ask for information on why this installation was approved but Council had no response. Apparently, the person responsible for the approval has since left the council job thus a statement could not be presented. 

Red hill billboard Musgrave Road
Photo Credit: Google Maps

Supreme Court Justice Peter Davis sided with Mr Leahy and said that the billboard’s installation, which also encroached on a portion of the lawyer’s property, was illegal and had to be removed. 

“Mr Leahy made attempts to ascertain the reasons for the decision. He is prejudiced by the decision. A huge, imposing sign sits next to one of the boundaries of his land. For reasons I later explain, Mr Leahy’s application for review has good merits,” Justice Davis said in the decision. 

“The Council was obliged to afford Mr Leahy an opportunity to make submissions before granting the approval for the sign.

“The delegate failed to take into account the mandatory consideration as to the interruption of views from 51 Musgrave Road.”

“It is ordered that: The decision of the Council made on 18 December 2018 approving the construction of an electronic advertising billboard on 43 Musgrave Road, Red Hill be set aside.”

Mr Leahy’s court expenses will also be shouldered by Council. Reports stated that Council will appeal the decision. No further comments were given. 

Popular Red Hill Wine Cellar Clovely Estate Closes After 13 Years

After 13 years of operation in Red Hill, beloved wine cellar Clovely Estate has closed due to a dispute with their landlord. Brett Heading and Susan Mercer will be reopening at a new venue in Goomeri, South Burnett.

Though Red Hill will have to say goodbye to one of its viticultural landmarks, Mr Heading remarked that this was a new opportunity for the business. Tourism has been booming in South Burnett as of late. The fact that the cellar receives its award-winning wine from around that region as well means that it will be easier for them to centralise their business.

Photo credit: Facebook/Clovely Estate

Plans have been drafted by the duo to transform their new venue, a 110-year-old building in Moore St, Goomeri, into a hotspot that contains a restaurant, a cafe, a cellar door, and possibly even a gin distillery. This time around, Clovely Estate intends to focus on providing food and hospitality to accompany the wine that they serve.

The building will be redesigned and renovated by the acclaimed Conrad Gargett architect David Gole, whose new design will focus on creating an atmosphere and aesthetic that will cater to and hook locals, tourists, and those interested in hosting events.

Heading and Mercer have expressed their hopes that the new Clovely Estate in South Burnett will be open to the public by October 2021.

Le Coin Brings Local French Bistro Vibe to Red Hill

Everyone loves to share a simple, good-hearted and good-natured meal with good company and this sense of bonhomie is what you’ll get at Le Coin, the newly-opened French bistro at the corner of Enoggera Terrace and Waterworks Road in Red Hill. 

Le Coin, the French word for “the corner,” is the ultimate family dining place built for comfort, satisfaction and relaxation. From the same group that owns Haig Rd Bistro in Auchenflower, this restaurant has an easygoing ambience that makes French food so accessible.  

The ground floor area is alfresco, with weathered seats or a cushioned sofa set filled with heaps of colourful pillows. It has the vibe of the French Riviera. The second floor, on the other hand, is the formal dining section with sophisticated table settings. If you haven’t been to Haig Rd Bistro, the top floor of Le Coin is pretty much similar to its sister site. 

Much like its sister site, Le Coin also carries a similar lunch or dinner menu with three to four courses. The Red Hill restaurant, however, offers breakfast and opens seven days a week. 

The choices include an elaborately prepared plate of omelette with brioche French toast for breakfast or escargot, barramundi meunière, gnocchi with mushroom and tarte flambe for lunch or dinner.  

Dessert options are plenty as well — crepes, parfait or creme brulee are the instant mood boosters to perfectly end a satisfying meal.

Photo Credit: Facebook

Of course, a good-natured French meal isn’t complete without the wine and Le Coin has a comprehensive drink list that also includes gin and tonic and house cocktails. BYO is welcome on Wednesday and Thursday nights. 

Le Coin is the ideal place to drop by for coffee or a snack or for big meals and wine before or after you watch a movie from the cinema across the street.  Follow their Facebook page for updates and the opening hours.

“It’s been wonderful to have such an excellent bistro as our neighbours in Red Hill! Best Croque Monsieur ever and I thought that was great until I had the eye fillet last night – Magnifique!  Not to mention the gin cocktails that are so special!  Not surprised it’s been a winner – keep it up Marcus and your lovely staff”

Sue Westall, Google Reviews

“Although international travel seems like a far off dream, Le Coin provides a European oasis. Enjoyed a decadent afternoon sipping champagne and scoffing oysters to the soft background of the piano accordion. High dining at a reasonable price with attentive, friendly, down to earth staff. A hidden gem in Paddington.”

Pip Weiland, Google Reviews

Haig Rd Bistro in Auchenflower to Open Sister Site La Coin in Red Hill

Neo-French restaurant Haig Rd Bistro in Auchenflower is opening a sister site just two kilometres away in Red Hill. La Coin is still in its final stages of sprucing up before it’s set to welcome diners by the end of October 2020. 

Arvid Noack invested in taking over the two-storey site once occupied by Plum Tucker on Enoggera Terrace with his new La Coin (“La Kwan”) co-owner Marcus Kerschbaumer.  

The pair is also bringing Haig Rd Bistro chef Jean Yann Bouton on board, who will create a two or three-course menu for dinner with a carefully curated range of entrees, mains and desserts. Diners will have the pleasure of constructing their own dinner.  

La Coin will offer nearly similar a la carte lunch dishes as Haig Rd Bistro whilst a special day for BYO will be launched when the restaurant settles after the opening day. 

Morning fares at the bistro will include Viennese-inspired coffee choices paired with French pastries and cheese-filled sandwiches. 

Mr Noack and Mr Kerschbaumer won’t deviate much from the interior look of La Coin as its sister site. However, the top floor will be reserved to private functions whilst the downstairs section will have a spacious outdoor seating area for a more relaxed dining experience. 

La Coin doesn’t have a social media presence yet but you follow Haig Rd Bistro’s Facebook page for the updates. 

Red Hill Cinemas: Latest Movies to See at this Premium Theatre

Have you experienced watching a movie at the recently-opened Red Hill Cinemas in Enogerra Terrace? The old skating rink, which was abandoned for 17 years, is now a five-screen boutique theatre that delivers a special kind of movie experience.

The Sourris family, who have operated cinemas around Queensland for generations, acquired the cinema’s site for redevelopment in 2017. Their idea was to turn this property into a premier theatre with a small but intimate setting, comfortable reclining seats, and full food and drink service.

Amidst the growing number of streaming services or megaplexes featured with IMAX, Red Hill Cinemas aims to bring the classic cinema experience, where people actually go out of their way to get together and watch a film on the big screen. Boasting of five screening rooms, four of the cinemas have 70 seats with reclining chairs whilst one is a 160-seater with spacious legroom.

This is a fully-licensed theatre, where moviegoers may drink a glass of alcohol or two as they relax and enjoy the film.

This February, Red Hill Cinemas will screen the following new releases:

Midway Starring Ed Skrein, Luke Evans, Tadanobu Asano, Nick Jonas, Aaron Eckhart, Dennis Quaid, Mandy Moore, Woody Harrelson, Patrick Wilson

Directed by Roland Emmerich
The story of the Battle of Midway, told by the leaders and the sailors who fought it.
SebergStarring Jack O’Connell, Kristen Stewart, Anthony Mackie, Zazie Beetz, Colm Meaney, Margaret Qualley, Vince Vaughn

Directed by Benedict Andrews
Inspired by real events in the life of French New Wave icon Jean Seberg. In the late 1960s, Hoover’s FBI targeted her because of her political and romantic involvement with civil rights activist Hakim Jamal.
The Peanut Butter FalconStarring Jon Bernthal, Dakota Johnson, John Hawkes, Jake Roberts, Zack Gottsagen, Mick Foley, Bruce Dern, Thomas Haden Church, Shia LaBeouf

Directed by Tyler Nilson, Mike Schwartz
Zak runs away from his care home to make his dream of becoming a wrestler come true.
A Beautiful Day in the NeighborhoodStarring Matthew Rhys, Tammy Blanchard, Wendy Makkena, Enrico Colantoni, Tom Hanks, Chris Cooper

Directed by Marielle Heller
Based on the true story of a real-life friendship between Fred Rogers and journalist Tom Junod.
BombshellStarring Connie Britton, Allison Janney, John Lithgow, Margot Robbie, Mark Duplass, Rob Delaney, Nicole Kidman, Charlize Theron, Malcolm McDowell

Directed by Jay Roach
A group of women take on Fox News head Roger Ailes and the toxic atmosphere he presided over at the network.

Beyond the cinemas’ features, there’s still much to be said about the rich history surrounding Red Hill Cinemas, which officially re-opened its doors for Brisbane cinephiles in November 2019. Its original skate floor was retained during the refurbishment, along with the graffiti in and out of the building.

Photo Credit: Red Hill Cinemas/Facebook

This site was originally the Pop’s Picture Theatre, an open-air cinema from the 1920s to the 1960s. Forty years onwards, the venue became a popular teen hangout as the Skate Arena, until it was gutted by a fire and abandoned in 2002.

For enquiries, including cinema hire and group bookings, phone 3707 5444 or email

Normanby Hotel in Red Hill Reopens as a Family-Friendly Establishment after $3.5M Revitalisation

In May 2019, Normanby Hotel in Red Hill underwent a four-month, $3.5-million refurbishment from its new owners, the Pelathon Management Group headed by Jaz Mooney. After the transformation, the hotel has reopened to reclaim its original stature as a family-friendly establishment.

Gone are the boozy and wild car park parties that have bothered the locals for years. Instead, Mr Mooney and his team have rebuilt the heritage-listed site as a beautiful pub and sports lounge with poker machines and several function rooms for private parties on the second floor.

Pelathon Management Group sought the help of the Winchester Group under Shaun Dunleavy to revitalise the hotel. Apart from bringing back the structure to its old glory, the designers replanted a new, large fig tree to replace the plant missing from the site since 2016. 

Like the hotel that was erected in 1890, the fig tree became an iconic landmark in Red Hill. Its replanting also symbolizes the hotel’s return to its old roots, where new memories could flourish. 

Photo Credit: The Normanby Hotel/Facebook
Photo Credit: The Normanby Hotel/Facebook

The Normanby Hotel, which re-opened in the spring, also features an on-site craft brewery. The establishment even welcomes families with their dogs in some of its assigned spaces.

Pelathon Management Group won a two-year lease for the hotel after its purchase in May for $11 million. Their takeover comes as plans to build a 15-storey complex around to the hotel were rejected by the Council. 

Mr Mooney also said that the car park area will be enhanced next year while considering how to redevelop its next-door sites. 

The developer, who is credited for also revitalising the Grand Hotel at Central Station, said that he’s really a publican at heart with an extensive background and restoration. He believes in protecting Australia’s heritage sites. 

The Normandby Hotel was built in 1890 by the Burtons, whose generations of family members ran the hotel until 1944. It was named after the Normanby Fiveways adjacent to the hotel.

Cinemas in Brisbane Booms, Boutique Cinema in Red Hill To Watch Out For

In spite of the reign of digital streaming platforms today that enable people all over the world to watch movies and TV shows, Brisbane’s cinema scene is booming as plans to resurrect a derelict skate arena in Red Hill into a boutique cinema take shape.

The skate arena, which burned down in 2002, has been an eyesore in the area for many years. The building is owned by the Sourris brothers, who have decided to turn it into a five-screen boutique cinema. The Sourris Brothers are responsible for refurbishing the New Farm Cinemas in 2014. Last year, they turned the old Irish Club in CBS into a boutique cinema called the Elizabeth Picture Theatre.

For Red Hill, plans include building a boutique cinema whilst maintaining the structure’s unique exterior, complete with all the graffiti and the existing exterior elements of the building. According to them, these touches of the building’s “history” adds character to the entire place.


Photo credit: The Good Guide

The proposed facility will include five cinemas with a total seating capacity of 355 seats, an ancillary two-lane bowling alley and associated seating, Enoggera Terrace foyer area and new awning, ground floor kitchen and amenities.


Photo credit: BCC

Originally known as Red Hill POPS Theatre, the place later became known as State Theatre. With the completion of this new refurbishing, the place will revert back to its original moniker. “POPS” actually stands for “People’s Own Pictures.”

Independent Cinemas Australia said that the boom of the cinema scene in Brisbane is all about the experience. People have a need to get out of their house and get a great cinema experience. Despite the advent of digital movies, a lot of people don’t really want to be stuck in their rooms all-day watching movies. Modern cinemas bring different levels of comfort and a complete viewing experience – comfortable seats, bright picture on a big screen, pampered luxury in some cases, and the absence of distractions when viewing the film.

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A New Boutique Cinema May Resurrect a Derelict Building in Red Hill

Red Hill may soon see a new boutique cinema at 14-16 Enoggera Terrace and 5-7 Mannion Street as a development application has been lodged to the Brisbane City Council.

If approved, the proposed development will rehabilitate a heritage building which was owned by the Sourris family in the 1950s and originally named Red Hill Pops Theatre.

Photo credit: BCC

The proposal seeks the rehabilitation of the existing building, with plans that include a cinema complex. It will be named as Red Hill Pops Theatre. The development is designed by James Davidson Architecture. The word ‘Pops’ actually stands for “People’s Own Pictures” although it was later renamed to State Theatre.

The proposed facility will include five cinemas with a total seating capacity of 355 seats, an ancillary two-lane bowling alley and associated seating, Enoggera Terrace foyer area and new awning, ground floor kitchen and amenities.