Yums! American-Style Chicken Restaurant to Open in Paddington

Did you know that Paddington will soon have an American-style chicken restaurant that specialises in burgers, wings and shakes? Rosalie Village, keep an eye out for Yums! 

From the creative and inspired mind of restaurateur Alison Reid, Yums! Burgers, Wings, Fries and Shakes offers Australia a delicious selection of American-style chicken-based dishes such as  burgers, wings, and fried chicken topped off with some thick and creamy shakes. 

Now, less than a year after the restaurant’s first launch in Woolloongabba in November 2021, Yums! is readying itself to open a second branch in Rosalie Village, the perfect location as an established food hub in the Paddington area. 

The Yums! menu offers a variety of chicken dishes, however the one the restaurant takes the most pride in is their signature Butterbun Chicken Burger — a special burger that makes use of their original Butterbun, a soft and delicious potato-based bun which sandwiches crispy buttermilk chicken with pickles and American cheddar cheese. 

Butterbun Chicken Burgers aren’t the only dish available at the upcoming American-style restaurant, however, as they also offer chicken wings and chicken tenders. Their wings in particular come with a variety of sauces that customers can choose from such as buffalo, barbeque, sweet and spicy, lemon pepper, and crispy southern — which is available in both original and spicy. 

Lastly, the restaurant boasts a selection of signature shakes, which have been aptly dubbed Yums! Thickshakes. These tall, thick and creamy milkshakes are available in flavours like Hershey’s chocolate, peanut butter, malt, and Biscoff, as well as some of the more classic flavours such as strawberry, caramel, vanilla and Oreo. 

Ms Reid intends on following an aggressive growth strategy with hopes to open up at least 100 new restaurants across Australia over the next 15 years, before moving on to the international scene. Their plans for the near future include launching four to six more locations in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, and the Gold Coast. 

Yums! will open in Rosalie Village, Paddington on the 19th of June 2021. For more information, visit their website here. Follow their social media pages on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates and announcements concerning the restaurant.