Paddington Gaol Turned Lifestyle Barracks Still a Landmark

If you’re in Paddington, then you probably go to The Barracks to dine, shop or unwind. The place has everything you need. Unbeknownst to some though, this place holds a significant amount of interesting history.

Did you know that this area was once actually a gaol? In 1860, the first major purpose built gaol for free settlers was built by Andrew Petrie. In 1912. new buildings were built and became the Petrie Terrace Police Depot. In 1938-39, the main Barracks was built to house unmarried police officers and those who are on probation. When World War II rolled around, it was turned into an observation post and by 1970s, it was used as the headquarters for police.

In 1987, the State Government sold the buildings to a private enterprise and by 2007, the Brisbane City Council and the government approved the development application for the $120-million mixed-use development.

The newly-transformed Barracks opened for business in 2008 with several restaurants such as Hog’s Breath Cafe & Peasant Spanish Restaurant. There are also cinemas here where you can catch the latest flicks.

The Barracks today Photo credit: Arkhefield

For your shopping needs, there is a Coles Supermarket, a beauty bar and many more that will accommodate your daily needs.

 Ten years after opening, Paddington’s gaol turned lifestyle barracks is still a major landmark in the area.