Score Great Finds at this Bushfire Relief Clothing Drive

On regular days, you can find impressive artworks from local artists on display at The Third Quarter in Petrie Terrace. But on Sunday, the 2nd of February 2020, the art gallery will be turned into a pre-loved clothing market for its Bushfire Relief Clothing Drive.

In cooperation with Girls in Hats with Naomi McKenzie, The Third Quarter Revival Bushfire Relief Clothing Drive will take place from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Sales from this event will go to the fire brigade services, food banks, animal rescue and First Nations communities. 

“The Third Quarter team and our wider community are heartbroken by the Australian bushfire crisis, and those that have been affected by it,” the team stated in the invite. 

“What we are witnessing is unprecedented and catastrophic. 6.3+ million hectares of this land has been burnt. 1200+ homes have been destroyed. 500+ million animals have died. 17+ people are confirmed dead since the crisis began this season.

“We’re feeling a deep, collective hurt.”

Photo Credit: The Third Quarter/Facebook

Anyone hoping to shop for second-hand quality clothes can drop by the gallery on market day. If you’re not looking to buy but you have heaps of fashionable stuff to unload, you can donate your items and take part in this worthy cause as well.

The Revival Bushfire Relief Clothing Drive will also feature the amazing music of local talents like DJ Relax (Local Transmission), Hannah D (The Space Between Us), Respect Guy (Bad Taste Collective), GIRLS IN HATS, DJ Borderforce (No Persuasion) and Twin Sister (The Third Quarter). 

Incidentally, The Third Quarter gallery previously hosted a bushfire relief drive featuring a curation of artworks. Some of these masterpieces from talented locals are still up for sale with proceeds going to the firefighters and the bushfire victims. 

For enquiries, including your intent to donate second-hand clothes, send an email via