Popular Red Hill Wine Cellar Clovely Estate Closes After 13 Years

After 13 years of operation in Red Hill, beloved wine cellar Clovely Estate has closed due to a dispute with their landlord. Brett Heading and Susan Mercer will be reopening at a new venue in Goomeri, South Burnett.

Though Red Hill will have to say goodbye to one of its viticultural landmarks, Mr Heading remarked that this was a new opportunity for the business. Tourism has been booming in South Burnett as of late. The fact that the cellar receives its award-winning wine from around that region as well means that it will be easier for them to centralise their business.

Photo credit: Facebook/Clovely Estate

Plans have been drafted by the duo to transform their new venue, a 110-year-old building in Moore St, Goomeri, into a hotspot that contains a restaurant, a cafe, a cellar door, and possibly even a gin distillery. This time around, Clovely Estate intends to focus on providing food and hospitality to accompany the wine that they serve.

The building will be redesigned and renovated by the acclaimed Conrad Gargett architect David Gole, whose new design will focus on creating an atmosphere and aesthetic that will cater to and hook locals, tourists, and those interested in hosting events.

Heading and Mercer have expressed their hopes that the new Clovely Estate in South Burnett will be open to the public by October 2021.