Winner Winner Closes in Paddington Due to Termites

Last year, Paddington welcomed Winner Winner, a chicken joint which has really won the hearts of many. With a sharp focus on authentic Nashville cooking, they offer every possible style of chicken. Located on 233 Given Terrace, the restaurant isn’t hard to miss.

Recently, however, it seems their winning days are over as the establishment has been forced to close due to major termite infestation on the premises.

Photo credit: Winner Winner / Facebook

Owners Luke Stringer and Ashleigh Bates decided to close the shop down after finding three major termite nests in the building. It seems that the entire building structure is unfit due to the infestation of termites.

According to Mr Stringer, they first learned about the problem when swarms of pests poured out from the wall, like a scene from a horror movie. Following that incident, a customer pushed their chair out but it went straight through the floor. This has prompted the owners to close the restaurant right away.

The restaurant posted an announcement on their Facebook page last 28 August regarding their shutdown.

Fans of their chicken can still get them on UBER EATS. They are also working very hard to set up an online ordering system. For updates, please check their Instagram page.