Authentic Roman Pizza Restaurant Now in Paddington

Photo credit: La Pinsa- Brisbane / Facebook

Heads up, Paddington locals, a new pizza place has arrived in town! La Pinsa on Kennedy Terrace is now the go-to place for authentic Roman pizza.

Prior to their opening, locals first had a preview of La Pinsa’s special menu when they joined the Summer Solstice: A Midsummer Night Gypsy Festival at Northey Street City Farm last December.

Their selection of authentic Italian comfort food was so well-received that eager customers happily welcomed them on their opening day on the 17th of January in Paddington.

If you’re wondering what “pinsa” means (and no, it isn’t pizza), it is derived from the Latin word “pinsere” that translates to “to stretch.” They are fully dedicated to giving customers the real authentic Roman version of pizza!

This new pizza palace an al fresco dining space and a few cosy tables inside, providing customers with space for a quiet conversation or some people-watching, depending on their mood.

Photo credit: La Pinsa – Brisbane / Facebook

The interior and exterior of the place screams Italian with every detail, as do their fresh, homemade pasta, salads, bruschetta and dessert. Don’t miss out on the Pinsa cooked, mushrooms and dried tomatoes.

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Photo credit: La Pinsa – Brisbane / Facebook

A delicious selection of pasta, such as their Spaghetti alla Norcina (fresh cream, wild mushrooms, black truffle, parmesan, garlic and parsley), awaits the lucky diners.

Photo credit: La Pinsa – Brisbane / Facebook

La Pinsa only uses organic and GMO-free dough. For more information on La Pinsa, click here.

Address: 139 Kennedy Terrace