BCC Decided Not to Bring Big Boot Back to Paddington

Photo Credit: Gotadollarmate [CC BY-SA 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)] / Wikimedia Commons

Has the time come to bring “big boot”, the former Boots Camping marker, back to Paddington?

Suggestions to bring the iconic boot back to Paddington surfaced when the property where it currently stands recently went up for sale. With the Boots Camping no longer operating at the site, historical societies believe that it’s time to bring the “big boot” back to its roots. It made sense, they say, to return it to Paddington because of its historical connection with the suburb. A community skating park now stands at the former big boot site.

Whilst the Council already took the initial steps to bring the boot back to Paddington, after considering the cost of relocating “big boot”, however, it was deemed that the proposal was not a viable option at this time.

Former site of “big boot” in Caxton St | Paddington, Queensland

The five-metre fiberglass boot first stood on the roof of Spaghetti Emporium restaurant at the corner of Caxton and Hale streets, in 1976. The marker was a tip of the hat to the former boot and footwear factory — the Morris Boot Factory, that was built in 1930 and eventually closed after four decades. Apart from the fiberglass boot, the Spaghetti Emporium also served beverages in boot-shaped glasses.

Controversy hounded the establishment after rumours of empty dog food tins being found in the industrial bins by food and hygiene inspectors, circulated. The building later became the Brisbane Underground nightclub after the restaurant closed in 1979. In 1990, the building was demolished to give way to the Hale Street city bypass and “big boot” was moved to Chermside at the corner of Gympie and Rode Roads.

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