Blue Room Cinebar in Paddington: Redefining Movie Experience

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Watching the latest blockbuster movie whilst comfortably seated and enjoying a tasty meal, sweet treats, and cocktail. Sounds like a perfect movie date at the comfort of your home, right? Well, it’s the Blue Room Cinebar movie experience, actually and you can have it right here in Paddington .

Blue Room Cinebar Paddington is your best alternative to super-sized crowded cinemas and it has a lot more to offer than just the latest flick and state-of-the-art facilities. This locally-owned boutique cinema offers a luxurious movie experience and great service albeit reasonably priced.

The state-of the-art cinema has five screens, equipped with semi-reclining seats, foot rests, and seating capacity ranging from 24-60 patrons. Blue Room Cinebar shows the latest movie releases and indies. Yet, the intimate and comfortable viewing is just half of the experience.

You also get to enjoy meals and drinks whilst watching and not having to leave your seat. Food and drinks (yes, they are licensed to offer liquor too!) should be ordered and paid for before you enter the screening room. Popcorn, of course, is also available along with coffee, loose leaf tea, and sweet treats like mary poppins sundae, muffin, and brownie.

Mains and Handmade Pizza options include: Fish & Chips (battered flathead, salad, fries with lemon wedge and roasted garlic mayo), Asian Platter (ample plate with duck and vegetarian spring rolls, chicken dumplings, vegetable gyoza and asian salad with sweet chilli/soy fusion); Meat Me In St. Louis Pizza (bbq sugo base, pepperoni, ham, streaky bacon, beef, roast chicken, and mozzarella); and Cheesy Rider PIzza (pizza base, with a blend of 3 house cheeses and garlic butter).

If you haven’t been at Blue Room Cinebar or want to treat a visiting friend to a movie, then go ahead and book your tickets now, because some screening sessions can sell out fast due to limited seating.

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Blue Room Cinebar | 151 Baroona Rd, Paddington QLD 4064, Australia