Keeping the ANZAC Memory Alive in Red Hill: Brisbane Church’s Stained Glass Masterpiece

Inside the St Barnabas’ Anglican Church in Red Hill, a stunning stained glass window stands as a poignant tribute to the ANZAC legacy. This breathtaking work of art not only commemorates the sacrifices made by those who served in the Gallipoli campaign during World War I, but also captures the powerful imagery that defined the first ANZAC Day memorial service held in the city in 1916.

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The window’s design is based on the artwork that graced the front cover of the program for that inaugural ANZAC Day service over a century ago. 

Photo credit: St Barnabas Anglican Church Red Hill Brisbane Australia/Facebook

It depicts a solemn procession of soldiers and sailors from the various Allied forces that fought together at Gallipoli – an Australian infantryman, Royal Australian Navy and Royal Navy sailors, a New Zealand Maori soldier, an Indian soldier, and a French soldier. 

Photo credit: St Barnabas Anglican Church Red Hill Brisbane Australia/Facebook

During the first ANZAC Day march in Brisbane on 25 April 1916, a large crowd lined the streets and filled the balconies of surrounding buildings to watch a parade of soldiers on horseback, with the buildings decorated in flags, pennants, and a banner that read ‘Enlist Now.’

The first Anzac day parade in Brisbane, outside Brisbane’s General Post Office in Queen Street, 1916 (Photo credit: National Archives of Australia)

Their faces are etched with the stoicism and determination that defined the ANZACs, their uniforms and equipment meticulously rendered in vibrant shades of colour that breathe life into the scene.

Photo credit: St Barnabas Anglican Church Red Hill Brisbane Australia/Facebook

Dedicated in December 2018 by the Most Reverend Dr Phillip Aspinall, the Archbishop of Brisbane at the time, in the presence of then Governor of Queensland, Paul de Jersey AC, the window’s installation was proudly supported by the Queensland Government. It now stands as one of the many war memorials throughout Brisbane that bear witness to the great losses of the war.

Former governor Paul de Jersey with St Barnabas Anglican Church priest, Rev Bill Colbrahams at the Heroes of Anzac window (Photo credit: St Barnabas Anglican Church Red Hill Brisbane Australia/Facebook)

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For the parishioners of St Barnabas’ and visitors to the church’s Anzac Chapel, the stained glass window offers a moment of quiet reflection and reverence. It is a tangible connection to the history that unfolded a century ago, preserving the iconic imagery of that first ANZAC Day for generations to come.

Published 10-April-2024

Bluey Leaves Paddington: Iconic Show Home Embodies Spirit of West Brisbane

The fictional Heeler family from the beloved children’s animated TV show “Bluey” have listed their home for sale. Whilst part of an animated universe, the house beautifully encapsulated the essence and architectural heritage of Paddington.

The Heeler residence in the popular TV show “Bluey” is a depiction that has resonated with many fans. Its sprawling verandas and quintessential Queenslander design perfectly reflect the vibrant spirit and cultural backdrop of Paddington. Though fictional, this representation highlights the show’s strong connection to Brisbane, specifically the West Brisbane area, known for its picturesque hillsides and distinctive colonial architecture.

Described by property agent Becky Dunstan, the listing reveals a charming, animated family residence tucked away in a secret Brisbane spot. The property features mid-century design elements blended with whimsical accents, embodying the classic Queenslander style and exuding a sense of heritage allure, complete with over a hundred concealed miniature-long dogs scattered throughout.

Situated at a cul-de-sac’s end, the house is perched on a hill, offering scenic views of Mount Coot-Tha. It comprises three bedrooms and approximately four bathrooms, alongside spaces conducive to working from home, adorned with beautiful period floorboards and hallways.

Real estate experts predict the sale could fetch upwards of $6 million, reflecting the soaring property values in areas akin to Paddington, where the show’s setting draws heavy inspiration.

Market Buzz and Fan Sentiments

A clip from the poignant episode, titled “Ghostbasket,” which aired on the 7th of April 2024, had Bandit showing their old house to potential buyers.

Although just a storyline in the animated series, the listing of the Heeler family home has ignited a flurry of excitement in the real estate market and amongst the global fanbase of “Bluey.”

“Can we talk about the ending? It’s not just the zoom out of the for sale sign but the music suddenly faded once the credits start,” a viewer asked on Reddit. “I have one question. Why is the house for sale or will that be answered in The Sign?”

“I think its been in the works for a while,” another commenter said. “Two obvious clues being Chili complaining about the house falling apart in Hammerbarn and it being small in Cubby…”

The sale of the house introduces themes of change and moving on, resonating with those who view the Heelers’ home as a symbol of love and adventure.

Anticipation for What’s Next

The Heeler home in the “Bluey” series has an aesthetic appeal and also serves as a cultural touchstone, offering viewers a glimpse into Brisbane’s architectural heritage and suburban lifestyle. In the upcoming episode titled “The Sign,” set to air on April 14th, 2024, the Heelers will embark on a journey of finding a new home. This storyline promises to delve into the emotional nuances of relocating, reflecting the show’s commitment to addressing real-life challenges through its narrative.

In 2022, a replica of the Heeler family’s Paddington home was made available to rent on Airbnb. The replica has been carefully designed to capture the charm and warmth of the Heeler household, allowing fans to immerse themselves in this unique experience. This initiative brings the animated world to life and offers a chance for fans to experience it firsthand.

Published 9-April-2024

Residents Seek Reduced Speed Limit on Kelvin Grove Road

A concerned local resident has launched an online petition calling for a reduction in the speed limit along a dangerous stretch of Kelvin Grove Road.

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The e-petition, which has garnered significant local support, aims to lower the current limit to 40 km/h between Herston Road and the Normanby 5-way intersection.

The push for this change comes on the heels of a tragic incident in January 2024, when 32-year-old QUT PhD student Arjun Srinivas lost his life in a traffic accident whilst crossing the road at the intersection of Musk Avenue and Kelvin Grove Rd. 

Photo credit: Google Street View

This intersection, which serves as the main entry point to the QUT Kelvin Grove campus, is a high-traffic area not only for the university, but also for two local schools and the Kelvin Grove urban village.

Concerned resident and petition organiser, Caroline Gardam, expressed the community’s frustration with the “poor design of this road corridor” and the “de-prioritisation of pedestrian safety and amenity” that has been an ongoing issue for years.

“Research shows the lower the speed limit, the higher the chance of pedestrian survival,” Ms Gardam stated. 

In addition to the speed limit reduction, the petition also calls for the review of other dangerous intersections and road corridors in residential and high-pedestrian areas across the state, as well as the consideration of other safety measures such as speed cameras, speed breakers, and skywalks.

Photo credit: Google Street View

The petition has garnered the support of the organisation Space4cyclingbne, which advocates for improved safety measures for pedestrians and cyclists across Brisbane. 

The group acknowledged that whilst Kelvin Grove Road is managed by the Brisbane City Council, they believe the Queensland Government should take a proactive role in reviewing this and other similar high-risk intersections and corridors.

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“Urban Village might sound nice on the brochures, but Kelvin Grove Road looks and feels every bit like an urban motorway, creating an intensely hostile environment for anyone attempting to walk or cycle in the area,” the group wrote on a Facebook post.

As the community awaits a response from the state government, the push for improved pedestrian safety along Kelvin Grove Rd continues to gain momentum, with residents determined to ensure that no other lives are lost to the dangers of this critical thoroughfare.

Published 8-April-2024

Rosalie Village: New Public Artwork Unveiled Celebrating Community and Culture

Artists Eleanor and James Avery have unveiled a contemporary sculpture in Rosalie Village,  highlighting the area’s commitment to community spirit and creative expression. The new artwork emphasises Rosalie Village’s rich history and social fabric and signifies a significant advancement in enhancing public spaces through artistic collaboration and community involvement.

Responding to the community’s insights and collaborating with the public art curator Artfully, Eleanor and James crafted “Rosie-Lee” (2023). 

This artwork celebrates Rosalie Village’s identity by incorporating local history, geographical references, and the area’s social culture into its design. The sculpture represents a meeting point that connects the past, present, and future, and it includes elements that reflect the local café culture as well as the area’s natural and architectural beauty.

“Rosie-Lee” is a sculpture that pays tribute to Rosalie’s exceptional personality. The artwork comprises three rose-shaped forms made of painted aluminium and stainless steel. 

The 2-meter-tall structure draws inspiration from various local elements such as the rose windows of the nearby Sacred Heart Church and the historical Red Jacket Swamp, now known as Gregory Park. The design of the sculpture is a clever play on Australian rhyming slang, with “Rosie-Lee” representing “cup of tea,” which symbolizes social gatherings and community connectivity.

Eleanor and James Avery Rosie-Lee Rosalie Village
Photo Credit: BCC

In late 2023, Brisbane City Council completed a streetscape improvement project to revitalise the Rosalie Village in Paddington. This initiative sought to transform the area into an attractive, comfortable, and connected hub for locals and visitors. The project is part of the broader Village Precinct Projects program, reflecting the Council’s dedication to fostering vibrant neighbourhoods.

The process began in September 2022 when the Council invited the local community to contribute ideas for public space improvements. Through phases of feedback collected in February and September 2023, residents voiced their support for upgrades that would enhance the streetscape’s amenity, accessibility, and safety. This inclusive approach ensured the project accurately reflected the community’s needs and desires.

The streetscape project has introduced several enhancements to Rosalie Village, including:

  • Upgraded footpaths for better accessibility and connectivity.
  • New garden beds and additional street trees to improve the area’s visual appeal.
  • The installation of new seating, urban stools, bins, and bike racks.
  • Enhanced pedestrian and traffic safety through additional signage and line marking.
  • Commissioned public art to boost the area’s aesthetic and identity.

These improvements are expected to significantly contribute to the quality of life in Rosalie Village, making it a more inviting and vibrant place for everyone.

Eleanor and James Avery Rosie-Lee Rosalie Village
Before the installation of Rosie-Lee
Photo Credit: BCC

To discover more about the Rosalie Village, Paddington public art installation “Rosie-Lee” by Eleanor and James Avery, residents and visitors are encouraged to engage with the space and explore its cultural offerings.

Published 28-March-2024

Oscar Retrospective: ‘Anatomy Of A Fall’ – Book Tickets at the Palace Barracks

“Anatomy of a Fall” made quite a mark at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Awards (popular known as an “Oscar Awards”) this year in the United States, winning Best Picture, Best Actress, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Film Editing for its captivating storytelling and exceptional execution. Did you know that you can watch this cinematic masterpiece at the Palace Barracks cinema in Petrie Terrace?

“Anatomy of a Fall” is a powerful film with a unique vision and expert storytelling. It explores complex human relationships with nuanced performances, exquisite cinematography, and a script that balances the razor’s edge of human emotions. It received critical acclaim upon release.

Directed by Justine Triet, the film has an excellent cast that includes Sandra Hüller in a prominent role, contributing to the film’s intricate exploration of a tumultuous marriage scrutinized following a mysterious death.

During the Oscars, “Anatomy of a Fall” was highly praised for its artistic achievements and captured the attention of both audiences and critics. It won the award for Best Original Screenplay and was nominated for several other categories, highlighting the Academy’s recognition of its excellence in storytelling, direction, acting, and technical precision. The film’s ability to convey profound emotional depth and cinematic beauty earned it prestigious accolades, solidifying its place among the year’s best films.

Messi is an adorable Border Collie who played Snoop in the movie “Anatomy of a Fall.” He stole the hearts of many at his first Oscars ceremony. Messi’s acting skills were praised for an overdose scene, which he prepared for two months ahead of the shoot. 

Laura Martin Contini, his owner and trainer, emphasised the dedication and long preparation process involved in training animals for the film. Although Messi didn’t receive an acting nomination, his performance won him the Palm Dog Award at Cannes, highlighting the impact of his role in the movie.

The impact of ‘Anatomy of a Fall’ goes beyond the excitement and attention that it garnered during awards season. It has started discussions about the various themes it covers, connecting with audiences due to its genuine portrayal of intricate emotional situations. This continuous conversation serves as proof of the film’s lasting significance and its ability to touch viewers on a profoundly personal level.

For those in Brisbane, the opportunity to watch “Anatomy of a Fall” at the Palace Barracks cinema is a chance not to be missed. 

Published 14-March-2024

Step Back in Time with Empire Swing’s ‘Swing Shack’ at The BrisWest Centre

Every Friday and Saturday night, the BrisWest Centre at the Latrobe Terrace in Paddington transforms into a lively swing dancing venue with Empire Swing’s “Swing Shack.”

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The BrisWest Centre Hall opens its doors to dancers of all ages and skill levels this upcoming March 23, inviting them to immerse themselves in the infectious rhythms of swing music and the lively social atmosphere.

As the doors open at 6:45 p.m., a beginner’s taster class kicks off the evening, introducing newcomers to the basic steps of styles like the Lindy Hop, Jitterbug, Charleston, Blues, and Balboa.

Photo credit: Empire Swing/Facebook

But it’s at 7:30 p.m. when the real magic happens. The lights dim, the disco ball starts spinning, and the hall transforms into a vibrant scene reminiscent of bygone eras. Couples and solo dancers take to the floor, swinging, twirling, and grooving to the diverse tempos spun by Brisbane’s talented swing DJs.

You will see people of all ages practising their moves. From the classic Lindy Hop to the energetic Charleston, and even solo routines like the Shim Sham or Big Apple, it’s a celebration of swing dancing in all its glorious forms.

With a welcoming atmosphere, no partner or experience is needed – just a willingness to let loose and embrace the infectious spirit of swing. 

About Empire Swing

BrisWest Centre
Photo credit: Empire Swing/Facebook

Empire Swing is Brisbane’s longest-running swing dance school, specialising in fun dance lessons that teach a variety of swing dancing styles including Lindy Hop, Balboa, Charleston, and Blues.

Their swing dance classes in Paddington cater to all levels of dancers, from complete beginners through to intermediate and advanced swing dancers. Empire Swing’s lessons are designed to get students dancing from the very first night.

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The dance styles, music, and fashion taught are all inspired by the big bands and music halls of the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s era. Empire Swing offers regular weekly classes that take students from the basics of swing dancing all the way to feeling confident to hit the social dance floors hard.

Visit their website to learn more about their dance styles and upcoming events.

Published 13-March-2024 

Not to Miss: Exclusive PINK Pre & Post Concert Parties at The Paddo!

As Grammy-winning artist Pink brings her Summer Carnival Tour to Brisbane for three epic nights, The Paddo, just a 5-minute walk from Suncorp Stadium, is gearing up to provide the perfect pre- and post-event party vibes in Paddington, for concert-goers looking to amplify their Pink experience.

Before the concerts on 16 and 17 February 2024 and 19 March 2024,  get the night started early with vibrant pre-concert party vibes, featuring delicious drinks, mouthwatering bites, and a pre-concert buzz that’ll set the tone for an epic evening.

Photo Credit: The Paddo
Photo Credit: The Paddo

And after the show, keep the celebration alive with The Paddo‘s late-night party scene, where the energy and excitement linger long after the final note of Pink’s extraordinary set list.

Photo Credit: The Paddo

The renowned American pop star has a special connection with Australia, particularly Brisbane, which goes beyond her regular concert tours. In 2009, Pink was honoured uniquely at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre.

Pink The Paddo in Paddington
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Recognising her as their best-selling artist ever, following her hugely successful Funhouse Tour, the Centre dedicated a suite of toilets to her, whimsically named the “Pink Ladies.” This gesture humorously underlined the affection and admiration that Australian fans, especially those in Brisbane, have for her.

Pink’s affinity for Australia is reciprocated by her Australian fans, making her one of the most popular female acts in the country’s history. Moreover, Pink’s tours in Australia have been record-breaking. Her performances, which often include daring acrobatics, bring a unique element to her concerts, further endearing her to Australian audiences.

Check this out for more details on the pre and post-parties at The Paddo.

Photo Credit: The Paddo

Published 22-Jan-2024

Developer Fined $100,000 for Illegal Demolition of Historic Paddington Cottage

A fine imposed on a developer for the unlawful demolition of a historic Paddington cottage, located in one of Brisbane’s most prestigious streets, has been increased from $20,000 to $100,000.

In a landmark decision, District Court Judge David Kent fined Natural Lifestyle Homes (NLH), an inner-city luxury home builder, after pleading guilty to two charges related to conducting development activities without proper permits.  

The subject of the demolition was a Paddington cottage that dated back to 1888. It was believed to be the oldest residence on the revered Wilden Street in Paddington.

Earlier, the Brisbane City Council had levied a fine of $20,000 against NLH, a penalty which Judge Kent deemed “manifestly inadequate” to deter future violations of this nature. He emphasied the necessity of a financial cost that would effectively deter developers from viewing such offenses as a mere business expense.

The cottage at 41 Wilden Street was originally intended to be preserved and relocated to allow new construction work on the site. However, NLH proceeded to demolish the protected building without consulting the Council, building certifier, or the Planning and Environment Court.

Serious Consequences for Disregarding Heritage

The actions of NLH not only flouted the Council’s refusal of demolition but also overturned the protective measures in place for the 1888 cottage. This act of destruction resulted in the loss of a significant heritage asset, with only minimal artifacts such as an original door and portions of windows remaining.

Judge Kent noted that NLH’s actions enabled them to evade consulting structural engineers on the feasibility of relocating the cottage. This lack of due diligence and disregard for heritage considerations led to the irreversible destruction of the historic structure.

The judge said that the $100,000 fine better reflects the seriousness of NLH’s offense, particularly when compared to the project’s total cost, ranging from $2 million to $2.4 million. This substantial penalty sends a clear message to developers that preserving heritage and adhering to legal requirements are paramount.

41 Wilden St Paddington Cottage
Photo Credit: Google Maps

NLH’s Background and Intentions

NLH, co-owned by Clifford William Keane and Mathew Ralph Carroll, was not seeking profit from this project, which was intended to serve as a new residence for Mr Keane and his wife, Jacinda. The Keane family purchased the cottage in October 2018 for $1.08 million and embarked on the construction of a new $2.4 million home.

Mr Keane, a carpenter with a degree in the built environment, and M. Carroll, a registered builder since 1998, had been involved in inner-city property development for many years.

Published 22-Dec-2023

Award-winning Style at the Newly Opened Fruition Red Hill

Award-winning hairdresser Craig Smith of Fruition Wilston fame has officially opened Fruition Red Hill. Expect him to be a familiar sight in both salons, as he plans to divide his time between them, cruising from one to the other on his Harley.

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Fruition, recognised as one of the country’s premier and most decorated hair salons with numerous industry awards, has opened a second location – a sleek and stylish sister salon to Wilston, occupying 116 square metres at 160 Musgrave Road in Red Hill.

Heading up with the magic scissors and colour wands is Red Hill salon partner Chad Nicholson. A senior stylist and styling rockstar, he has been with Fruition for eight years. Like Craig Smith, Nicholson is acclaimed nationally for his craft, leadership, and vision.

Photo credit: Fruition Hair Red Hill/Google Maps

With a second location, Fruition’s loyal customers – including Australian Olympic swimmer Libby Trickett and fitness and fashion influencer Rachel Thiaday – can eagerly anticipate an elevated hair experience with expanded availability of the salon’s coveted services and expertise.

Photo credit: Fruition Hair Red Hill/Google Maps

Smith said opening the second location was a demand driven response. “The business of style is constant and Brisbane is a city full of people who understand individual style, whether it’s a bloke with short back ‘n sides, a millennial into balayage, a tradie who wants his cutaway mullet sharp, a woman who wants her locks long and flowing, those who want traditional colour, and those who want to wear the rainbow and all variations in between.” 

“Demand has been on the increase for over 12 months now and when the opportunity came to open a second salon in Red Hill, I jumped. Inner suburban villages are the new heartbeat of Brisbane, so Red Hill works for me, it’s very similar to Wilston, which has been a brilliant headquarters for Fruition since 2012.”

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Fruition is a salon that recruits and keeps the most talented best stylists. Since opening in the city in 1996 and then moving to Wilston in Brisbane’s inner north in 2012, Smith has mentored many apprentices to award winning positions, with many now working overseas in leading salons in London and New York.

Sensibly, Fruition staff will work across both locations, and the two salons share a common contact number (07 33563311) and website. Fruition Red Hill is open daily, except on Sundays.

Published 5-December-2023 

Beyond Pizza & Pasta: Paddington’s Fratelli Offers Cheese and Pasta-Making Classes

Paddington has no shortage of Italian eateries, from hole-in-the-wall joints to upscale restaurants. Yet the recently opened Fratelli brings something new to the neighbourhood – a truly authentic taste of Italy and hands-on cooking classes. 

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Using seasonal ingredients and fresh local flavours, Fratelli transports guests straight to the vineyards and shores of Italy with each bite. But what makes them especially unique is that they offer hands-on cooking classes with their expert chefs, so you can learn how to craft fresh cheese or shape your own homemade pastas.

Inside Fratelli, the stone walls and rustic decor make you feel transported to Italy, although it’s the food takes your tastebuds even further. Fratelli sources only the finest local ingredients and collaborates with Tambourine Cheese Factory to create burrata bursting with smooth, creamy flavour. 

Photo credit: Fratelli Paddington/Facebook

One of their crowd pleasers is the spicy salami pizza loaded with ricotta-filled crust, olives, mozzarella and that signature Fratelli zest. Pizza lovers will delight in the restaurant’s array of Italian pizzas paired perfectly with wines from their impressive drink menu. 

Signature cocktails provide a refreshing balance alongside espresso drinks for those looking for an afternoon pick-me-up. 

Photo credit: Fratelli Paddington/Facebook

Whilst the interior transports your senses to Italy, their beautiful outdoor patio allows you to soak up Brisbane’s sunshine as you feast on Fratelli’s seasonal delicacies. From their cheese boards and pastas to the desserts like the light and sweet peach sorbet, each dish sings with the flavours of an Italian summer.

Photo credit: Fratelli Paddington/Facebook

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For those longing to linger in the warm hospitality and rustic ambience, Fratelli offers a home away from home right in the neighbourhood Tuesday through Sunday (closed Mondays). Visit their website to book online or to learn more about their classes.

Published 22-November-2023