Chocolate in Steak? This Paddington Restaurant’s Concoction Will Blow You Away

Photo Credit: Chapter IV

Have you ever tasted chocolate in steak? It might sound like a crazy food concept but you could be blown away by its taste and flavour. 

To sample this delectable dish, visit Chapter IV at Latrobe Terrace in Paddington. Chef Micheal Robinson concocted the chocolate steak to celebrate World Chocolate Day last Sunday, the 7th of July. However, you may still order this dish for a limited time at the restaurant this month.

Chapter IV’s chocolate steak features sirloin rubbed with cocoa, tangy slaw, parmigiana Reggiano with rosemary potato wedges, chimichurri, bacon with dark chocolate sauce. This meal is best paired with a bottle of whiskey to further tickle your tastebuds. 

Chef Robinson uses Ruby Chocolates with its distinct pink colour for this creation. The latest chocolate brand to hit the Australian market, Ruby chocolates come from pink cocoa beans. 

“We are well known by our regulars for our deserts, particularly when we get creative and extreme for special occasions like this, so the pressure was definitely on to think outside the box,” Chef Robinson said.  

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“I was a little concerned when the chef first described the chocolate steak, but when we tasted it, our mind was blown,” Jessica Ndenda of Chapter IV said. “Who would have thought chocolate on steak would be so amazing!” 

Chef Robinson also got creative with a special dessert featuring Ruby Chocolates. Diners of Chapter IV may also order the Ruby Chocolate Cupcake, a fluffy pink and white dessert with frosting, cookie crumbs, milk chocolate ganache and mini marshmallows. 

Photo Credit: Chapter IV

“I have watched Ruby chocolate become more prominent in the market over the past months and knew it was time to introduce it to our community. I know they will be surprised and delighted by it,” Chef Robinson said, adding, “Make no mistake, it is not pink chocolate, it is a completely different type of chocolate.”

Chapter IV, which opened in 2015, opens daily from 7:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. For reservations phone 0733671285 or message the restaurant on its Facebook page.