Cinemas in Brisbane Booms, Boutique Cinema in Red Hill To Watch Out For

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In spite of the reign of digital streaming platforms today that enable people all over the world to watch movies and TV shows, Brisbane’s cinema scene is booming as plans to resurrect a derelict skate arena in Red Hill into a boutique cinema take shape.

The skate arena, which burned down in 2002, has been an eyesore in the area for many years. The building is owned by the Sourris brothers, who have decided to turn it into a five-screen boutique cinema. The Sourris Brothers are responsible for refurbishing the New Farm Cinemas in 2014. Last year, they turned the old Irish Club in CBS into a boutique cinema called the Elizabeth Picture Theatre.

For Red Hill, plans include building a boutique cinema whilst maintaining the structure’s unique exterior, complete with all the graffiti and the existing exterior elements of the building. According to them, these touches of the building’s “history” adds character to the entire place.


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The proposed facility will include five cinemas with a total seating capacity of 355 seats, an ancillary two-lane bowling alley and associated seating, Enoggera Terrace foyer area and new awning, ground floor kitchen and amenities.


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Originally known as Red Hill POPS Theatre, the place later became known as State Theatre. With the completion of this new refurbishing, the place will revert back to its original moniker. “POPS” actually stands for “People’s Own Pictures.”

Independent Cinemas Australia said that the boom of the cinema scene in Brisbane is all about the experience. People have a need to get out of their house and get a great cinema experience. Despite the advent of digital movies, a lot of people don’t really want to be stuck in their rooms all-day watching movies. Modern cinemas bring different levels of comfort and a complete viewing experience – comfortable seats, bright picture on a big screen, pampered luxury in some cases, and the absence of distractions when viewing the film.

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