Dog-Friendly Breakfast Cafes in Paddington

More and more restaurants in Paddington are now becoming paw-friendly. Having breakfast around the suburb just got a little better with your adorable pets in tow.

Sassafras Canteen

Photo credit: Sassafras Canteen / Facebook
Photo credit: Sassafras Canteen / Facebook

Sassafras Canteen is named after the sassafras tree, whose roots are one of the key ingredients of sarsaparilla, a softdrink which was originally brewed in the 19th century from the plant but is now made from artificial ingredients. Sassafras canteen’s most popular beverages include (what else?) Bundaberg sarsaparilla and Hank’s rootbeer. They also have an awesome selection of coffee for the obligatory post-breakfast caffeine fix.

Photo credit: Sassafras Canteen
Photo credit: Sassafras Canteen

As Brisbane’s first “all-day breakfast” place, this café has a menu hat broke the rules on what breakfast should be. This restaurant opened in 1997 and became a mainstay of Brisbane’s cafe scene. By 2014, they introduced a new breakfast menu and launched a new canteen lunch concept for the public.

The rear courtyard at Sassafras is a popular hangout for dogs and their humans. In fact, from Friday to Sunday, Sassafras becomes Paddy’s official dog-friendly garden bar.

Atticus Finch Cafe

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Named after the fictional lawyer in Harper Lee’s famous novel, “To Kill a Mockingbird”, Atticus Finch is a charming cafe with a homey weatherboard interior whose walls are wittily papered with (what else?) pages from the book. (Yes, THAT book!)

Photo credit: Atticus Finch Cafe / Facebook
Photo credit: Atticus Finch Cafe / Facebook

A custom-built deck with trestle tables and banquette seating, complete with ceiling fans and tapestry rugs provide outside seating for customers who come with their pets in tow. A special leash hook is provided, with the obligatory bowl of water to refresh the four-legged babies.

All-you-can-drink coffee. Photo credit: Atticus Finch Cafe / Facebook
All-you-can-drink coffee. Photo credit: Atticus Finch Cafe / Facebook

Must try — drip filter brew coffee, which is served in a bottomless cup. The place turns into a bar on the weekends. Not just any bar, though. It’s a dog-friendly bar. Paddo bars sure love their paw-nimals!


Remy's courtyard Photo credit: Remy's / Facebook
Remy’s courtyard Photo credit: Remy’s / Facebook

Sunny cafe by day and friendly neighborhood bar by nightfall, Remy’s is a great chill spot where people and pups are equally welcome to sit at the courtyard and enjoy their burger and drinks menu.

Photo credit: Remy's / Facebook
Photo credit: Remy’s / Facebook

Milkshakes and coffee peacefully co-exist with craft beer, cider, wine, and cocktails in their menu that’s fit for a hungry man (or woman) and his best friend.

Cafe Bema

Cafe Berna’s menu, prepared by Benny Loh, its award-winning chef, ensures a delightful gastronomic experience. The Brekkie Burger with smoky bacon, haloumi, fried egg, smashed avo, butter lettuce & tomato on black seeded bun is a must-try. For a light lunch, customers can order their Avocado and Pesto Cous Cous salads.

No need to get a dog-sitter if you’re planning to eat at Cafe Berna. Owners can hitch their pooches to the fence under the welcoming shade of the tree in front of the cafe, where a bowl of water awaits.

Stop 13@31

A chic cafe at the tram stop situated in a laid-back neighborhood, customers can sit out on the shaded area for some fresh air. The cafe offers all-day breakfast and some delicious baked goodies that you can order at the counter. Gluten-free choices and vegan breakfast options are also available. They also have individual hitching stations for your pets.

Tall Short Espresso

A quaint coffee that will cheer you up, thanks to its bright interiors that makes it a great quick breakfast and coffee stop. Your pet gets its own astroturf by the footpath. The cafe transforms into a community bar  with the people hanging out in the window overlooking the street

Java Lounge Cafe

All-day breakfast. Funky cafe with colourful couches and tables and brick walls that give the place a distinctly casual charm. Ordering from their menu is like taking a leisurely sight-seeing trip because there is so much to choose from.

Photo credit: The Java Lounge / Facebook
Photo credit: The Java Lounge / Facebook

All their guest pooches are pampered and kept well-hydrated. There are water bowls on the footpath (try to find a photo of this). A trip to Java Lounge wouldn’t be complete without ordering the Java brekky bagel. People are also raving about the pumpkin smash.

Enjoy breakfast or lazy afternoons with your pets whilst you sip a good cup of coffee accompanied with delicious breakfast spreads.

Photo credit: CC-BY /Jonathan Lin / Flickr