Given Terrace Estate in Paddington is 100 Years Old!

Paddington Given Terrace
Photo Credit: Creative Commons

Did you know that it’s been 100 years since the first lots in the Given Terrace Estate in Paddington were auctioned off to the public? 

Cameron Bros. Auctioneers handled the auction of 42 residential sites from Given Terrace, Central Avenue, Ewart Street, and Alma Street. The event took place on the afternoon of 21 Aug 1920.

“This charming estate offers a special opportunity to anyone requiring a residence close to the penny section and within easy walking distance of Roma Street. With glorious views, easy access, and perfect drainage,” the auction advertisement read in a local newspaper

Given Terrace Estates, today, covers the following streets below. Given Terrace itself remains the busiest main activity centre in Paddington, alongside Latrobe Terrace. 

  • Alma Street
  • Annie Street
  • Beck Street (map shows as Mary Street)
  • Central Avenue
  • Club Street
  • Ewart Street
  • Fernberg Road
  • Given Terrace
  • Gladstone Street
  • Herbert Street
  • Latrobe Terrace
  • Macartney Street (map shows as Alice Street)
  • Mort Street (map shows as William Street)
  • Ross Street
  • Royal Street
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Photo Credit: State Library of Queensland

Notable Sites in the Given Terrace Estate

Among the features highlighted in the estate included convenience, good drainage and healthy locality. The neighbourhood was also close to the Paddington Tram Line, which was built in 1898 and ushered a residential boom in the suburb. 

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The tram’s depot was erected in 1915 but a massive fire in 1962 destroyed the building, including 65 of the city’s trams. Conspiracy theories sparked over the real cause of the fire since the exact details were not revealed to the public. 

Today, it’s where the shopping centre, Paddington Central, stands.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Given Terrace Estate also has the Paddington Post Office (opened in 1895), the Ithaca Fire Station (opened in 1919), the Sacred Heart Church (opened in 1918), and the heritage-listed site Forester’s Hall

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The hall, built in 1888, was often used by the Ancient Order of Foresters’ Friendly Society, United Brisbane District and the Trustees of Court Foresters’ Hope. It was the site where communities came together to discuss and develop ways to help each other as the society of Queensland grew. According to historians, this showed how Australians adapted the philosophy of mutual aid.

Forester’s Hall also became a landmark that transformed the estate into a commuter hub from a semi-rural community. Today, it’s privately owned by the Order of St Vincent de Paul but its preservation is protected by the Queensland government. 

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

If you’ve lived in Paddington, especially in the Given Terrace Estate, you can view your old neighbourhood via this online explorer. The photos are from the 1960s to the 1970s.