Go See Jessie’s Girl in Paddington

Photo credit: Jessie's Girl / Facebook

Just along Petrie Terrace, a neon sign that shows a hand holding a martini glass flashes, piquing one’s curiosity. What was once a moody and masculine setting spot formerly occupied by Hops, Scotch and Beans is now bright and airy, replaced by a new kid on the block in Paddington – Jessie’s Girl.

Photo credit: Jessie’s Bar / Facebook

Owned by Scout cafe owners Suse Whitehouse and Candy Smith, this new venture is a boutique bar that offers an impeccable range of liquor and great food.

The welcoming interior has a bar with Euro-style seating and timber floors. The slick bar welcomes locals stopping by for a drink or two.

Pair up a drink with their extensive bar chow, such as the pork belly rillettes or mushroom, cheese or charcuterie plates or for something on the heavy side, the steak tartare.

Photo credit: Jessie’s Bar / Facebook

Italian-inspired cocktails are available such as The Britz, which consists of red Okar prosecco and orange and the The Titz made of billet blanc, Mosato, thyme and lime.

Photo credit: Jessie’s Bar / Facebook

Patrons can also try their beers from craft brewers such as Young Henrys, Stone & Wood and Rogers.

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Photo credit: Jessie’s Bar / Facebook

The place also features a curated list of boutique wines such as French Cote de Rhone and bottles of celebratory bubbly to tickle one’s palate.

Starting this September, Jessie’s Girl successfully introduced Boozy Brunches on weekends. Fridays are also fun days, with people going in for TGIF moments as they avail of free bar snacks from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

The advice from locals is that when you’re in Paddo, you should go see Jessie’s Girl. Locals seem to agree that she’ll be worth the trip.

Address: 110 Petrie Terrace