Government House in Paddington To Hold Open Day

Paddington’s Government House, Brisbane’s premier heritage site, is opening its gates on the 3rd of June for its annual Open Day. During this yearly event, visitors get to tour parts of the Governor’s official residence and learn about the history of the place. The event will start at 12:00 p.m. and end at 4:00 p.m.


Remembering Fernberg

Built in 1865, this 19th-century structure was previously known as Fernberg. The house was originally owned by Johann Heussler, a German immigrant who moved to Australia and then finally settled in Brisbane due to his poor health. He commissioned architect Benjamin Backhouse to design the house.

John Stevenson purchased the house from Mr. Heussler in the mid 1880s when the latter fell into financial difficulties. He asked architect Richard Gailey to design additions and make alterations to the house.

The house was transformed into a mansion with the thoughtful addition of new sections like a gentleman’s room, a gymnasium, an aviary, a five-stall stable, a bush house, a glass house, and an asphalt tennis court. However, the economic recession affected Mr Stevenson so badly that he had to sell the house.

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A House Reborn

In 1911, the government purchased the beleaguered property and declared it as a permanent government house. Renovations and alterations immediately took place, such as the installation of new floor coverings, rolling of roadways, and installation of fencing.

The event is free. Visitors are invited to come and appreciate the heritage site, plus spend a pleasant afternoon on the grounds.

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