Kettle & Tin in Paddington: A Welcome Sight, A Queenslander Delight

Photo credit: Kettle and Tin / Facebook

After several transformations, Kettle & Tin in Paddington now proudly calls a quintessential Queenslander home and it looks like it’s there to stay.

Surrounded by a picket fence, the restaurant features light, open setting with outdoor seats that are easy on the eyes and are very welcoming.

The place serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. At Kettle & Tin, you are in for a delicious combination of Asian and Pacific cuisine here.

Breakfast is available everyday until 3:00 p.m. We suggest that you try out the cabbage, cured salmon, beetroot, radish, doll creme fraiche, poached egg on chive toast.

Or how about their smashed avo on toast? It’s the perfect breakfast if you’re on the go, although avos are not the best market buy at the moment and restaurants are feeling the avo pinch.

For lunch, if you’re looking for something heavy, why don’t you try some of their delicious and juicy burgers?

Photo credit: Kettle and Tin / Facebook

Dinner is perfect for steak nights and you are in for a hearty meal here at the restaurant.

Photo credit: Kettle and Tin / Facebook

If you’re looking to de-stress after a long day, they also serve cocktails, craft beer and wine. Why don’t you pair some wine with something from their delicious cheese board? Such a lot of exciting culinary possibilities.

Photo credit: Kettle and Tin / Facebook

Address: 215 Given Tce