Locals Raise Concerns On Proposed Build-to-Rent In Red Hill

Photo credit: Brisbane City Council

Locals fear that plans for a build-to-rent residential building in a narrow street in Red Hill would cause more noise and worsen street parking in the area.

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Based on plans submitted to Council, the 41-unit located at 32-34 Lower Clifton Tce, Red Hill with 3-4 storeys would have a ‘build-to-rent’ housing model to deliver “inexpensive rental accommodation to assist key workers to find homes close to their employment.”

Photo credit: BCC

The proposal includes 21 car spaces and two motorcycle spaces. There will also be 39 bicycle spaces provided.

The developer believes this kind of housing model will contribute to delivering housing choice and diversity which is designed, built, and managed through long-term ownership and rental.

One of their key drivers for proposing a build-to-rent in Red Hill is the worsening housing affordability in Australia.

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A report prepared by Urbis for the applicant indicates that since the beginning of 2022, the country now has the highest proportion of renters spending more than 30 percent of their income on rental costs in more than 15 years.

“The proposed accommodation will therefore be able to generate long-term rental income, rather than up-front sales and capital growth, driving an increased focus on secure residential tenancies and provision of desperately needed quality inexpensive housing,” the planning documents read.

Locals’ concerns

Photo credit: BCC

Residents living near the proposed development expressed some of their concerns, such as its impact on traffic congestion and potential noise coming from proposed development. 

One neighbour said the street is not a through-way and an increase from the present residences of about 8 flats to the proposed 41, would make for a huge percentage increase on existing traffic movements and totally congest the area.

In response to the residents’ concerns, the developer said there are many current residents living in the street who do not own a car and are renting but are not contributing to the problem.

“Our residents must disclose if they have a car and provide car details and may not be offered a tenancy with us in some cases if they have a car,” the developer said.

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“As a family owned and operated property, and something we’ve done for over 30 years, it has always been our approach to be mindful of our local community. There will be a greater level of control and management of the building,” the applicant has stated.