Neuron Mobility e-Scooter Riding High Since Launching in July

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The latest e-scooter to offer an alternative to getting around Paddington and the rest of Brisbane, Neuron Mobility, has proven to be a hit among residents and tourists, with over 10,000 people signing up since it was launched in July 2019.

It’s been just a little over a month since Singapore-based Neuron Mobility joined Lime as Brisbane City Council’s official e-scooter operators and its seems that people are loving the idea of having another green transport option.

The Neuron supplies 600 orange-hued e-scooters of the total 1,000 provided for the city with Lime has cut down its fleet size to 400. Neuron was given the green light to roll out its first 200 scooters last 22 July and went full swing in mid-August with 400 scooters added to its contingent.

Brisbane gets to try Neuron Mobility’s latest N3 scooter — the company’s second generation of scooters — which features a 21-centimetre-wide floorboard and 12-inch tyres which offer safer, more comfortable, and more stable ride.

As requested by the Council, the Neuron scooter’s engine will cut off once it is ridden outside the “geofence” and will automatically reduce in speed once it enters a “low speed zone.”

The N3 scooters come equipped with GPS-enables parking indicator located on the handlebar display to help riders find their designated parking zones. Riders will not be allowed to end trip or be on temp lock if they are within a “no parking zone.”

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The Council chose Neuron Mobility out of the nine tenderers, which offered a very strong tender package. The Council also extended Lime’s tender to create a competitive tension and better experience for Brisbane customers.

For those who have used the light green Lime scooter before will find that the Neuron Mobility service works much like its counterpart. To start using Neuron, customer needs to download the app and scan the QR code which will unlock the chosen scooter. Upon finding a parking spot, the rider will need to snap a photo of the parked scooter to end the trip in-app.

Riding in to Brissie this July! #NeuronMobility

Posted by Neuron Australia on Wednesday, July 3, 2019
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To ensure consistent supply and responsible parking, there will be designated operations team on-ground to handle daily maintenance, hourly demand rebalancing, and battery swapping.

The cost per ride on a Neuron Mobility e-scooter is $1 to unlock plus 38 cents per minute.