New Broncos Training Facility in Red Hill Brings the Team Closer to the Local Community

Photo credit: Hutchinson Builders

The new Broncos training facility in Red Hill has finally been launched to the public. The new facility now occupies the former Ithaca TAFE campus.

Named after a property developer and former Toowoomba Mayor, the Clive Berghofer Centre is a $27 million project. It is a commercial partnership between the landowner, the club, and the State Government.

The Broncos approached Mr Berghofer for support whilst the facility was being built. They asked if he could donate some money for sponsorship. Being his favourite Queensland team, Mr Berghofer did not hesitate. He donated $3 million to the endeavour.

Unbeknownst to some, he was also the financial backer of the Broncos’ old feeder club, the Toowoomba Clydesdales in the 1990s. In exchange for his donation, the “Beyond The Broncos” Program will invest more time and money in Darling Downs schools. The program empowers underprivileged and disabled young people.

The Clive Berghofer Centre also aims to help the local community through several programs which encourage community participation.

  • ‘Beyond Broncos’ indigenous mentoring program
  • Game development across Queensland
  • Alliances with ‘Deadly Choices’

The new high-functional training facility has a new sports field and its own training and administration building. Locals will have access to certain parts of the training facility when not in use by the Broncos.

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With this new facility, the team can spend more time with the locals and mentor emerging talents within the area. They are also committed to the construction of a new pedestrian and cycle path and a pocket park near Ithaca Creek.