Ngon in Paddington Launches Given Kitchen & Bar

Given Kitchen & Bar
Photo Credit: GivenPaddington/Instagram

Despite a rollercoaster ride in 2020, Ngon, the popular Vietnamese restaurant located at the heart of Paddington, is opening a new venture just a short walk away. Given Kitchen & Bar is ready to satisfy your cravings for heaps of Asian food cooked in the traditional way.

Do you love grilling over charcoal than gas? Given Kitchen & Bar , a few doors down Ngon in Given Terrace, specialises in chargrilled dishes that lock in the smoky, delicious flavour. The new inception focuses on fresh, scrumptious seafood meals cooked over charcoal for lunch or dinner.

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

Breakfast selections at the new restaurant feature Asian-inspired meals best paired with a cup of coffee from The Black Lab Coffee Co. 

“Everything on the menu is designed to be shared and every dish is perfectly balanced to complement each other,” the owners shared. “Our food is designed and cooked in-house, making it fresh on a daily basis. Whilst our menu is predominantly Vietnamese inspired, we take influence from all cuisines across the continent of Asia.”

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

At night, this eatery will host DJ performances creating an easy-going vibe — the perfect setting for unwinding after a long day.

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Given Kitchen & Bar is a few minutes walk from Ngon and is set to open in late January 2021. It comes nearly 20 months after the Ngon first welcomed its regular guests in Paddington.

“When covid hit our lives were turned upside down, limited financial help and sales down by 90% we were left with 2 options. Close shop and throw in the towel or come together as a family and face the epidemic together with our sleeves rolled up,” Chef Tuan said in a post on Instagram in June. 

But the chef pressed on and conceptualize this new shop, along with revitalizing his original restaurant and putting Ngon on the map as one of the best Vietnamese eateries in Brisbane. The next goal is to repeat Ngon’s success, amidst a challenging period, with Given Kitchen & Bar.