Noir: Wine Bar With No Wine List to Open in Paddington

Photo credit: Pixabay

Did you know that a new bistro bar is taking shape at Given Terrace in Paddington? Set to take over the former site of the fashion store Maiocchi is Noir, an intimate, dimly lit wine bar that will NOT offer customers any wine list.

Curious? Then watch out for the opening of Noir as owners Eli Rami and Sam Holman plan to welcome wine lovers in their multi-level bistro bar in May 2021. 

Noir, located at a heritage-listed building, will have the bar on the ground level, whilst the second level has an outdoor dining space and a seating section where mood songs will be played on vinyl. The lower level is for private dining events, which will be next to the temperature-controlled wine cellar.  

If the owners’ names sound familiar, it’s because Eli and Sam are also behind Blackout cafe, which opened in Paddington in 2019. They are also the pair who established The Black Lab roasters and The New Black in Fortitude Valley.

Noir, which means “black” in French, is their newest baby and was actually borne whilst they were preparing the fit-out for Blackout a few years ago. Back then, people kept asking if they were opening a wine bar. After earning a good following of cafe regulars from Blackout, the pair then set out to actually open what Paddington locals have been looking for. 

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But Noir is going to be a different wine bar with some 20 seasonal labels for customers. Because they plan to keep changing the selection, it would be pointless to print a wine list. 

Instead, the staff at Noir will help patrons pick out their wine after discussing their tastes and preference. The bistro bar will also serve platters of food to go with the wine. 

If everything goes according to plan, Noir will be open from  Thursday to Saturday between 5:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. and could potentially trade on Sundays as well. Follow their Instagram page for updates and announcements.