Paddington Bakery Misspelt Closes; New Sandwich Bar To Take Over The Space

Photo credit: @mis.speltbakery/Instagram

Paddington bakery Misspelt has closed after just a few months of operation, but the owners confirmed they are planning something better for the now-vacant space.

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Details are pretty sparse so far, but owners Eli Rami and Sam Holman teased that a sandwich bar is about to open in the space previously occupied by Misspelt in the upcoming months.

“We have some sad, but also exciting news. After our first few months of trade, we have gathered community feedback, assessed the viability of selling bakery goods, and tested a few new ideas,” the owners announced through the brand’s Instagram page.

Photo credit: @mis.speltbakery/Instagram

“The demand for deli-style sandwiches has far outweighed the demand for baked goods. It is with sadness that we are announcing that Mis.Spelt in its current form will not be reopening,” the post reads.

The duo further announced that they made the decision to pivot their business model and partner with an amazing team to bring a new concept to their little corner of LaTrobe.

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Photo credit: @mis.speltbakery/Instagram

When Misspelt opened in October 2022, Rami and Holman wanted to fill the gap in the market, emphasising that there are only a few establishments for baked treats in Paddington. Hence, they started offering their sourdough and pastries.

Misspelt’s deli-style sandwiches (Photo credit: @mis.speltbakery/Instagram)

However, the owners soon realised that it’s not the baked goods but the sandwiches that Paddington locals really wanted. It’s their sangas or their deli-style sandwiches that kept more customers coming back. 

To put the space to better use, they got Mack Bowers and Charline De Conto of Sunny Side Sandwiches in Windsor to take over the space. In case you haven’t tried it yet, some of Sunny Side’s popular items include chicken schnitty sambos, egg salad sandwich, and chicken salad club sandwich.

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Those who will miss Misspelt’s pastries can still grab some of their pastries at Blackout, located right next door, as they have started making in-house goodies including danishes, pain au chocolat and croissants.