Paddington Business Owner Sleeps Out for the Homeless

It’s unusual to find a man sleeping in a box on the street in an upscale area like Paddington. That’s why passersby were surprised to find a Paddington real estate business owner camping out on the street.

daniel-argentUrban Property Agents principal Daniel Argent is one of the volunteers of this year’s Vinnies CEO Sleepout, and he’s sleeping out in a box to help the homeless. He will be camping out for one night in June as part of the fund-raising event.

To prepare for the June event, Mr Argent camped out inside a box on Given Tce to let people know about the charity event. The charity campaign is a yearly event run by St. Vincent de Paul Society, a community organisation that manages crisis accommodation facilities across the country.

Mr Argent, who was awarded the Rate My Agent’s “Agent of the Year for Paddington” for 2017, believes in the good intentions of St Vinnies. Even as he sells multi-million dollar properties as part of his day job, Mr Argent feels for those who are not as fortunate to have a roof over their head.

The business leader believes that the event is an excellent opportunity for everyone to realise how lucky they are to have a home that will keep them safe, sheltered and comfortable.

Mr Argent will be joining other volunteers on June 22 for the actual sleepout event. He aims to raise $5,000 for the charity.

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He posted this video on Facebook to inform about homelessness in Australia.

Assisting Homeless People in Crisis

The Vinnies CEO Sleepout aims to support the homeless and people in crisis needing temporary shelter. The event encourages top CEOs and managing directors to spend one rough night out on the street.

The participating business leaders get donations from employees, family and friends. Proceeds from the charity event will go to St Vinnies homeless services.

Through the annual event, St Vinnies hopes to raise awareness about homelessness in the country. Vinnies CEO Sleepout’s website and Facebook page provide valuable information about the state and struggles of homeless individuals, including women in crisis and people who are struggling to pay rent and need temporary shelter.

To find out more about the charity drive, visit the Vinnies CEO Sleepout website at