Paddington Dog Parlour Offers Fitness Training with Pets

After opening The Dog Boutique in November 2016, Melly Frost is expanding services to engage pet owners in personal training.

Ms Frost thought of starting the fitness program for pets and their humans after obtaining her Diploma of Fitness. Under the program, pet owners will do the running with the dogs. Ms Frost takes dogs running as part of the services of The Dog Boutique, but she found a great opportunity for pet owners to get fit as well.

Ms Frost would set up personal training sessions with pet owners, but would have the dog do it with them.

The Dog Boutique business is an expansion of her pet grooming business, Grubby Paws Dog Grooming, which specialises in mobile hydrobaths for dogs. Ms Frost opened Grubby Paws in 2003 and since then, her business has been providing pampering services for pets.

With The Dog Boutique, she took pet grooming to the next level, offering doggie bedroom waiting rooms instead of cages, while the pampered canines wait for their hydrobaths with essential oils or for other premier services that the boutique offers.

To learn more about the services offered by The Dog Boutique, follow their Facebook page.

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The Dog Boutique is located at 52 Elizabeth St, Paddington.

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