Paddington Fashion Influencer Launches High Street Runaway App for Clothes Rentals

Photo Credit: High Street Runway/Facebook

Fashion designer, blogger and influencer Renee Lee of Paddington has a booming clothing rental business on 186 Latrobe Terrace and she recently launched a new High Street Runaway app to take her ideas to the next level.

Young women with formal gowns and hardly-worn dresses taking up space in their closet might want to get on board Ms Lee’s innovation. She has come up with a way for women to rent or sell their outfits using mobile devices via the High Street Runaway app.  

Launched in early 2019 and currently in its testing phase among Brisbane users, the app may be downloaded at the App Store for iOS devices.

“High Street Rentals hit the app store earlier this year and we’re currently testing it in the Brisbane market,” Ms Lee wrote on her LinkedIn profile.

“We’ve hit some barriers and are pivoting around them and learning as we go. With a few more updates we will be ready to expose it to a wider market.”

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Ladies between the ages of 17 to 25 have already taken advantage of this latest innovation in the shared economy business model. College students are loaning out their $3,500 clothes to earn $500 in one weekend — not a bad deal at all!

Users love the security of High Street Runaway app as the return of the dress they’ve loaned to strangers may be guaranteed. The app has the following features:

  • a chat window where the girls can make enquiries about the clothes before closing the deal
  • a feedback option for both the buyer/renter and seller/loaner
  • a user identification system that be verified and checked before sending payments.  

To better understand how the app works, watch this video below:

“Girls don’t like to wear clothes more than once,” Ms Lee said. “Parents love it too. Instead of dropping thousands before their daughter even walks out the door, they can pull together the same look for much less.”

Following the app’s launch, Ms Lee, the wife of Phil Lee of the Brisbane Broncos, and co-founder Jo Erzetich have achieved a 400 per cent traffic spike on their online venture. However, they also run a physical store in Paddington, where renters and shoppers could try on the clothes first before closing a transaction.

In the future, Ms Lee intends to expand the app to include accessories rentals or hair and makeup services.