Paddington Gourmet Meats: Wavell Heights Butcher Expands to Paddington

Paddington Gourmet Meats
Photo Credit: Paddington Gourmet Meats/Facebook

Whilst independently-owned butcher shops are slowly disappearing from the culinary landscape, Pat Saumani, the man renowned for his perpetual smile, is defying the odds yet again. His beloved butcher shop, Wavell Heights Gourmet Meats, is not only thriving but also expanding its meaty empire with the grand opening of Paddington Gourmet Meats.

Saumani, dubbed the Grinning Butcher, has become somewhat of a cult figure in Brisbane’s northside. His commitment to quality and local sourcing has garnered a loyal following in a time when corporate giants often overshadow small businesses.

His new venture is at the Paddington Central Shopping Village along Latrobe Terrace. The location, now lovingly renovated from the ground up, promises to be a haven for meat enthusiasts and food lovers alike.

To celebrate this exciting expansion, both Wavell Heights Gourmet Meats and the new Paddington Gourmet Meats will offer exclusive specials and giveaways throughout the weekend until 10 Sept 2023. Customers can expect not just premium cuts of meat but also a hearty dose of happiness, as Pat Saumani and his team prepare to share their passion for all things meat.

Paddington Gourmet Meats
Photo Credit: Paddington Gourmet Meats/Facebook

Pat and his family have been the proud owners of Wavell Heights Gourmet Meats since 2016. Their dedication to supporting local producers, sourcing natural and free-range products, and offering an extensive range of gluten-free options has made them a trusted name in the community. Additionally, they have been the exclusive purveyor of Stockyard Beef, an award-winning Queensland brand, since 2017.

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Both Wavell Heights Gourmet Meats and Paddington Gourmet Meats follow the same principles:

  • Supporting Local: A commitment to promoting local producers and suppliers
  • Natural Produce: A focus on providing natural, wholesome meats
  • Grass Fed and Free Range: Offering the best in ethical and quality meats
  • Extensive Range of Gluten-Free: Catering to a wide range of dietary needs
  • Award-Winning Wagyu: An exclusive selection of Queensland’s finest Wagyu beef
  • Large Low and Slow Meat Range: Perfect for barbecue enthusiasts
  • Deli Items: A variety of deli goods to complement your meat selections

To stay updated with the latest offerings and promotions, meat aficionados can follow both stores on Facebook and Instagram.

Published 7-Sept-2023