Paddington Parish Requests Rezoning for Planned Retirement Homes

Paddington Parish
Photo Credit: Google Maps

Jubilee Catholic Parish has requested to change the zoning of some of its churches in Paddington, Petrie Terrace, and Rosalie as it plans to upgrade the properties into retirement facilities with potential commercial and retail outlets.

In a statement on their official site, Jubilee Catholic Parish informed their Paddington neighbours that the projects, backed by the Catholic Archdiocese, will see changes in their properties in the next 30 years.

First, the Parish plans to turn the Lavalla Centre on Fernberg Road into the main administrative and spiritual headquarters. The project will entail upgrades that include a community hub and co-working space with catering facilities. 

Next, if the rezoning request receives approval, the old St Bernards Church at 189-195 Kennedy Terrace in Paddington and the St Thomas More Church at 7–9 Chapel St in Petrie Terrace could become retirement villages with four-storey buildings.

Photo Credit: Google Maps Street View
Photo Credit: Google Maps Street View

“Many facilities are ageing, there are significant costs associated with maintaining our heritage buildings and the needs of the Parish and congregation are changing, as is our local community,” the Parish stated.

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“In response to this, we are seeking to update the planning controls which apply to land in the Sacred Heart Church, Old St Bernards Church in Paddington and St Thomas More Church in Petrie Terrace to allow for their upgrade and redevelopment over time. This will support the sustainability of our Parish and to allow us to continue our pastoral presence in the area.”  

However, concerned residents lodged a petition with the Council objecting to the four-storey development on the old St Bernards site, citing that if Jubilee Catholic Parish receives rezoning approval and proceeds with the development then the site will: 

  • significantly impact the character of the neighbourhood
  • damage the streetscape, heritage and environment.
  • dramatically increase traffic and parking issues in the area.
  • stop all community use of the two church halls and current facilities

Currently, the Dansing Performing Arts school is leasing the St Bernards property. 

Meanwhile, the Parish is also conducting meetings with the community to discuss their plans. Before submitting the development applications, the Parish said that they would like to hear feedback from the community and provided a survey form. Locals may also email the Parish’s projects team at for enquiries.