Paddington Welcomes Norfolk Estate, Its First Luxury Residential Subdivision

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The first luxury residential subdivision will open in Paddington soon.

This is Lilleybuild’s largest development in the suburb and it will be called the Norfolk Estate. The name is derived from the ubiquitous Norfolk pines surrounding the site.

The developer’s plan to build six houses in the area is widely considered to be a very bold move. The original plan was to build residential units on the site. However, they changed their minds and opted to build six luxury homes in a bid to come up with something that would be more “sympathetic” to the area and to the neighbourhood.

Each home will have either four bedrooms or three bedrooms; two large living areas; two-car garages; outdoor decks; and flat backyards with beautiful swimming pools. Land sizes vary from 480 square metres up to 760. The houses will be designed to fit each block and will boast of unique designs.

According to Space Property’s Judi O’Dea, luxury homes like these will be very popular among the locals of certain suburbs. In the western suburbs of Brisbane, Bardon and Paddington are two of the suburbs that they are targetting, as these two have residents with some of the highest declared incomes, according to data analysis from the Tax Office.

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