Paddington’s Sinmei Tea Room Offers an Authentic Asian Cup of Tea

Photo credit: Sinmei Tea Room / Facebook

A little alcove for authentic Asian tea lies on Latrobe Terrace in Paddington. The Sinmei Tea Room is West Brisbane’s version of an exotic little Hong Kong tea house.

The Sinmei Tea Room was founded in Hong Kong in 2008 and is a go-to place for HK locals in the former British colony. Since its entry into the Australian market, the Sinmei Tea Room has become quite a hit among the locals.

The tea room has an eclectic menu with Asian dishes such as the vegetarian Bibimpap, Hakka Thunder tea rice, Hot Tea Soba and Liang Mian.

The main attraction, of course, remains to be its selection of authentic teas straight from Hong Kong. Customers can choose between hot and cold teas. Its most popular item on the menu is the Hong Kong Milk Tea, a definite must-try.

For something more unique, order their Iced Ginger Honeycomb Tea or their Organic Hojicha Latte tea.

Photo credit: Sinmei Tea Room / Facebook

They also offer the full tea experience, with a Tea Ceremony that includes variants like Da Hong Pao or the Pu Erh Vintage 2003.

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The High Tea Set includes scone with jam and cream and a selection of assorted cakes.

If you’re not up for some adventure and are simply longing for the familiar, their English Breakfast Tea is always available and always impeccably prepared.

Of course, tea time wouldn’t be complete without some delicious treats on the side. Choose from a wide selection of tea cakes such as Matcha Chocolate Shortbread or the Earl Grey Angel Cake.

Photo credit: Sinmei Tea Room / Facebook

Time for a tea break!