Red Hill Prepares For This Year’s Kerbside Collection

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Red Hill’s Kerbside Collection day is on the 23rd October and it’s best that you start preparing the items that you want to get rid of now.

You must know that even though you are putting unwanted items by the kerb, it is still very important that you keep everything neat and organised. Here are some tips.

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Pack Small Things In Boxes

For your small items that need to go, putting them in boxes and putting a label on each box will be such a big help — not only for you but also for those who will get your items. This will also help you stay organised when you leave your items by the kerb.


For Bigger Items

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Your big items should also be properly lined by the kerb. Don’t just mindlessly place them by the kerb.

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There’s a Limit

Mounting up piles of items by the kerb may seem easy but keep in mind that the Brisbane City Council has a pile limit — they will not collect piles that are larger than two cubic meters.


Acceptable Or Not?

In line with that, the council also has a list of acceptable and non-acceptable items, so make sure that you check out the list here before you place things outside.

Also, you can only place your things by the kerb a week before the Kerbside collection date. So for now, start putting them in boxes and organizing them so when the week of the Kerbside collection date rolls around, all you have to do is place them outside!

Go on, packing things up and organising your home is therapeutic as well. Start as early as now!