Red Hill’s Plum Tucker Has Become Eco-Friendly As It Encourages Customers to Bring Their Own Coffee Mugs or Cups

Photo credit: Plum Tucker / Facebook
Photo credit: Plum Tucker / Facebook

Locals of Red Hill are well-aware of the location of Plum Tucker. The charming cafe bistro with a garden courtyard on Ennogera Terrace is something that you can’t miss.

The two-storey cafe has vintage adornments, giving the place a personality whilst the second flood maintains a cosy atmosphere. The cafe is known to serve all-day breakfast with three varieties of avo on toast to choose from, because who doesn’t like fresh avos, right?

During lunchtime, a wide selection awaits. The chicken congee or the beef cheek pot pie is definitely a-must-try.

The cafe is also child-friendly with healthy breakfast and lunch food that children will like, such as Toasties, a special lunch pack with a variety of sandwiches, fruit, and marshmallow.

The coffee in the cafe comes from Supreme Roasters or their weekly single origin. But what makes them stand out is that the cafe encourages everybody to bring their own coffee cup. The cafe is listed on Responsible Cafes organisation and customers who bring their own coffee cup get a $1 discount.

Photo credit: Plum Tucker / Facebook

However, the store owner, Matt Carnell clarified that they are not only limited to KeepCups, but they encourage their clients to bring their own mugs. This move is their business’ War on Waste advocacy. Statistics from ABC’s War on Waste program show that an average of 100,000 coffee cups are being thrown away every single hour. People tend to think that the coffee cups we use are recyclable; actually, the waterproof coating on the inside of the cups means otherwise.

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This is why Australians are encouraged to look for cafes that use BioPak paper cups or you can bring your own KeepCup to reduce paper cup waste.

Mr Carnell said that they have implemented this rule just last year and they have seen significant improvement, but noted that they still have a long way to go.

Responsible Cafes, an organisation dedicated to reducing the use of paper cups at cafes has a list of cafes that are dedicated to implementing this rule to its customers. The website has been there for three years but after the brief exposure on cafe paper cups in media recently, they have now more cafes to add to the list.

In November 2016, the Queensland Government and Brisbane City Council got involved in a pilot project to upcycle coffee cups through the use of new technology that combines liquid-proof cups with a polymer to make a durable multi-use plastic-fibre compound. Now, the QLD government and BCC are looking at a possible processing facility to accommodate this process.

Plum Tucker is not only child-friendly, but it has become an eco-friendly place, too.