Sichuan Bang Bang Spices Up Chinese New Year Celebration in Paddington

Photo credit: Office Holidays

On the 10th of February, celebrate Chinese New Year with a feast at Sichuan Bang Bang in Paddington.

For 2018, expect a six-course banquet menu for $58 per person. Enjoy delicious Singapore chili crab and sticky short ribs.

Photo credit: Sichuan Bang Bang / Facebook

It’s not a Chinese New Year without the dancing dragons. Watch the exciting dragon dance! The dragon dance is a tradition dance and performance in Chinese culture. The dragons are a symbol of China and they are believed to bring good luck; hence, the more dragons in the dance, the more luck they will bring.

Master Tom Lo will also be entertaining the guests with a show of prowess by his kung fu experts. There will also be a live performance by Theatre of Thunder, a sonic-body collaboration that involves a team of Brisbane sound, space and movement makers.


2018: The Year of the Earth Dog

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The Year of the Earth Dog is said to bring stability and conserving force. This year, prosperity will come to to the hard workers and those who know how to communicate well. The dog is historically respected in China as a work animal. It represents equality and integrity. “To work like a dog” is a great compliment.


Schedules at Other Suburbs

The schedule of Chinese New year celebrations at Sichuan Bang Bang varies depending on the suburb. In Kenmore, it will be on the 8th of February, whilst in Wilston it will be on the 9th of February. So, make sure not to miss out on all the fun!