Smoked Paprika: East-European Takes on Popular Breakfast Meals in Paddington

Smoked Paprika
Blueberry Ricotta Pancakes

Photo credit: Smoked Paprika

After moving to Paddington in November 2020, Chef Gabor Traub’s cafe Smoked Paprika officially reopened its doors to an eager suburban clientele. Despite its relocation, the heart of this Australian/Eastern European restaurant remains the same as when they were based in Bardon. 

The restaurant takes pride in its breakfast menu, which offers a wide range of home-cooked comfort dishes rife with Hungarian influences, ranging from the beef goulash and poached eggs present in their signature Smoked Paprika Breakfast all the way to their crepes filled with chicken paprikash, which they serve with cheese, spinach, mushrooms, and chorizo. 

Diners with dietary restrictions have nothing to worry about. Smoked Paprika’s menu offers gluten-free and vegetarian options to satisfy everyone’s cravings and needs. Customer love their whipped Persian fetta on sourdough and their kale, pumpkin on zucchini fritters and other unique-yet-delectable options in their menu.

There’s more to Smoked Paprika’s menu than meals, however. Let’s not forget to give credit to some of their signature desserts and beverages; it is a cafe, after all. 

One of the brightest and sweetest drinks up for orders right now is their strawberries and cream smoothie, served inside an ice-cold mason jar and topped off with whipped cream and an old-school striped straw.

Topping off all these scrumptious meals is their coffee, which is nothing short of spectacular. Supplied by local artisan roasters Dramanti, the quality of Smoked Paprika’s coffee is guaranteed. Even without the accompaniment of a rich and hearty meal, a piping hot cup of fresh coffee from this Hungarian café is more than capable of standing on its own. 

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Dramanti Coffee
Photo credit: Smoked Paprika

Customers can’t help but find themselves drawn to the restaurant’s quality beverages and generous servings. Also, many of their dishes are traditional breakfast meals touched with Hungarian inspiration so this makes for a memorable experience that swiftly cements Smoked Paprika as the newest go-to place in Paddington. 

Smoked Paprika at 2/5 Nash St, Paddington is open all week from 7:00AM to 2:30PM. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates concerning their latest meals and deals!