Spring Comes Early at the Excess Baggage: Paddington Secondhand Market

Have you been waiting for the next Excess Baggage: Paddington Secondhand Market at The BrisWest Centre? It might excite you to know that it’s almost time to dust off your cupboard, clear your closet, and do some spring cleaning. 

If you’re planning to declutter, recycle and make money all at the same time, then round up your stuff and head to the The BrisWest Centre at LaTrobe Terrace on Saturday, the 24th of Aug 2019 for the Excess Baggage Spring Market. 

Once there, grab a table and set up the things you want to unload at this community event. Table rates go from $20 to $50 and you can choose from the following set up:

1800mm table inside the hall $43.29
900 mm table inside the hall$22.19 (soldout)
1800 mm table outside with shade$53.84
1800 mm table outside without shade$43.29

Rates are inclusive of booking fees. Take note that The BrisWest Centre won’t collect any percentage from your profits.

This is a very fun, laidback and informal market but if you have heaps of things to sell, you’ll be allowed to bring one rack. You can also bring your own gazebo if you’ve booked an outside table without shade. 

Set up is at 7:00 a.m. while the parking area for unloading your stuff will be open to sellers until 8:30 a.m. The BrisWest Centre will strictly implement a 3:00 p.m. pack up and clean up time.

If you’re coming to the Spring Market just to shop and score second-hand treasures or mingle with the community, you can also order food from the centre’s cafe or order a plate of yummy sausage sizzle. A live band will be playing music to entertain shoppers. 

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Since 2014, The BrisWestCentre’s Excess Baggage: Paddington Secondhand Market has been a regular activity in this precinct. The initiative is organized and managed by the Brisbane West Senior Citizens Association.

Paddington’s Third Excess Baggage Event Helps Remove Emotional & Mental Baggage in Refugee Children

Paddington is home to some of Brisbane’s best antique shops. There are always such great finds in the suburb! On the 15th of July, the third Excess Baggage event will be gracing The Briswest Centre once again from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

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Excess Baggage has become such a popular event since it started three years ago. The market offers second-hand items up for grabs. Whether you’re planning to sell some of your items or looking to find some unique pieces, this is definitely an event you shouldn’t miss.

Photo credit: Weekend Notes

The event is organised by Jan Gillies and Patricia Ferrier. Ms Ferrier is the Secretary of Brisbane West Senior Citizens Centre whilst Ms Gillies is a local jazz singer who is looking to raise funds for the HEAL program, an art therapy program for refugee children to support their healing from the trauma of their life journey to Australia. FHEAL (Friends of The Home of Expressive Arts and Learning) was formed in 2002 that provides the HEAL program at Milpera State High School.

Photo credit: https://fheal.com.au

The event will also help create a place of connection with the seniors in the community. Aside from that, it is also a great chance for people to sell their stuff and engage with younger people as well.

Aside from the lines of stalls, there are also food stalls available. Check out some delicious spring rolls or the sausages that will give you more energy to rummage through second-hand stuff.

Most of the sellers at the event are downsizers, which means that aside from clothes, there will also be some great finds, such as furnishings or basically, whatever people are trying to clear out. Paddo residents have a reputation of having high-quality usable items even during clear-outs such as the recently-concluded Kerbside Collection Day, when the streets were filled with stuff that didn’t take long for scavengers to bring home.

So, if you want to get some really good and unique finds at affordable prices, and at the same time engage with the cheerful community of Paddo, this event is definitely for you.