Biome in Paddington Makes Green Living So Easy

One of the biggest challenges to green living is the lack of quality but affordable eco-friendly products in the market. Biome Eco Store in Paddington, however, conveniently fills this gap as it offers heaps of the home and self-care products for everyday use to sustain a lifestyle that makes a big difference. 

Every item sold at Biome is carefully researched and developed to adhere to high standards. The products are made using safe ingredients that deliver zero harm to animals and workers.  

The company is also mindful of truth in labelling and proper waste management. Thus, Biome is proud that it’s the first retailer to be recognised as a Certified B Corporation in Australia. 

“Biome is different because we delve into the whole story of a product, the people behind it, and its impacts, so that you can make a choice to match your values,” said Tracey Bailey, the Founder of Biome. “Not only are we free from toxins, but we go further to consider aspects like human rights, waste, and supporting local.”  

Photo Credit: Biome Eco Store/Facebook

The store has a well-stocked inventory for everything under the sun — reusables, plastic-free storage solutions, natural body and beauty care items, eco-conscious fashion and outdoor goods, as well as organic food and children’s provisions. These items may also be conveniently bought at its online site. 

Even better, Biome has pre-packed gift ideas for every occasion and every family member, including the furry ones. Greenies can easily pick up an item to give to friends, which might also encourage them to start going green.

Biome Eco Store has four outlets in Brisbane — CBD, Paddington, Balmoral and Indooroopilly — and a warehouse in Milton. Outside Brisbane, greenies may find the eco store in Southport, Gold Coast and Burwood East, Melbourne.