The Black Lab Coffee Co Opens New Blackout Paddington Home

Photo Credit: Blackout Paddington/Facebook

The owners of The Black Lab Coffee Co have opened its newest home in Paddington. Blackout coffee shop, located at 173 Latrobe Terrace, is a tiny spot but there’s nothing minuscule about its quality and presence.

Blackout’s understated space is actually the perfect corner for The Black Lab Coffee Co owner Sam Holman to open up a grab-and-go coffee shop that doubles as a training centre for baristas. Initially planned as a storage space for its wholesale products, the Paddington site has been expanded into more ways than one.

The shop is a coffee bar, where customers can order coffee on the go or stay seated outside for a few minutes to enjoy your drink. Blackout brews espresso, cold-drips, or black or white coffee using single-origin beans, which has been roasted fresh at the back.

Photo Credit: Blackout Paddington/Facebook
Photo Credit: Blackout Paddington/Facebook

Customers may also order sandwiches, muffins, cookies and croissants to go with their coffee whilst they enjoy a quiet breakfast with their dog. The store even offers a substantial selection of cereals. 

As originally planned, the Paddington location is used as storage space for products, tools and machines. As a retail store, baristas may shop at Blackout for their needed supplies and tools to hone their skills. They can also enlist in the advanced courses and learn to use different commercial machines. 

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Blackout officially opened in Paddington on the 12th of Oct 2019. Its trading hours are from 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. daily. 

“Super friendly staff who are always welcoming. The coffee is as good as it gets – whether you’re into a traditional espresso-based coffee, or you want to try a pour over or a pre-made drip coffee, they have you sorted. The venue is just adorable, it’s a terrace style shop with a great view to the hills of Paddington and beyond out the back. Ask them about their coffee training too!” 

~ Jesse Branch, Facebook

“I notice this new Cafe while driving through Paddington today. Warmly greeted by the friendly Barista, I ask for a regular 1 shot Cafe Latte. Beautifully poured, the coffee is fragrant and full flavoured. A very good coffee!” 

~ Joe K, Zomato