Upcoming Comedy Gigs In Paddington

The Sitdown Comedy Club lists its upcoming gigs at the Paddo Tavern until the end of the year.

Jimmy Poulos & Mick Meredith
Thu, 24 Nov, 8:00PM and Fri, 25 Nov, 8:00PM, The Paddo Tavern

Jimmy Poulos is a Greek comedian who, as a young boy growing up in Brisbane, used humour to gain social acceptance in a society of blondes, two eyebrows, and no moustaches. Mick Meredith’s love for standup comedy led him to become a comic in the 1990s. He is a musician as well and has released two albums.

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Mike Van Acker & Kat Davidson
Thu, 1 Dec, 8:00PM, Fri, 2 Dec, 8:00PM, Sat, 3 Dec, 8:00PM, The Paddo Tavern

Mike was minding his contract cleaning business when comedy called, and he gave it up – mops, supa-wipes and all – to become a comedian, failing at his standup debut. Many years later, he has gone on his fourth successful tour of New Zealand’s comedy clubs and finally accepted that standup comedy is his fate. Kat is the funniest chick to grace the Australian comedy stage. She is equally at ease coaching blue chip companies in communication and performing comedy on stage.

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Jared Fell & Lindsay Webb
Thu, 8 Dec, 8:00PM, Fri, 9 Dec, 8:00PM, Sat, 10 Dec, 8:00PM, The Paddo Tavern

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Jared is both a comedian and a magician, and won the Top Comedy Award from the Variety Artists Club of NZ in 2013. Lindsay has had several successful years touring the comedy circuit in Australia and is often called to do the front act for many shows.

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Jacques Barrett & Fiona McGary
Thu, 15 Dec, 8:00PM, Fri, 16 Dec, 8:00PM, Sat, 17 Dec, 8:00PM, The Paddo Tavern

Jacques has spent the last two years on comedy states in South East Asia, South Africa, Romania, Prague, Switzerland, Estonia, Finland, and the UK. He is one of the most sought after comics in the Australian comedy scene. Fiona has been performing standup comedy for over ten years, both in Australia and overseas. She has performed in almost every comedy venue in the country, and also appears on radio shows.

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