Inside Tandem Co, Paddington’s Charming Bike Shop and Cafe

tandem co
Photo credit: Tandem Co Coffee & Cycle House/Facebook

Tandem Co Coffee and Cycle House, located in Paddington, is the perfect combination of two passions: cycling and culinary delights.

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Far from being an ordinary cafe, Tandem Co is a sanctuary for cyclists and a vibrant hub for fostering community connections.


Tandem Co
Photo credit: Diana Waines/Google Maps

As soon as you stepped inside the cafe, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee wafted through the air, inviting you to explore its tiny yet cosy interior. 

The menu boasted an array of delectable treats to refuel the weary cyclist—Brekkie wraps, Ham and Cheese Croissants, and even Jaffles with exciting new fillings each week. 

Tandem Co
Photo credit: Tandem Co Coffee & Cycle House/Facebook

For those seeking something lighter, there was Avo on Toast with creamy fetta, gluten-free Veggie Frittata, and a variety of toasts with delectable spreads. And let’s not forget the tempting assortment of cakes and pastries, with the Cake of the Day taking centre stage, tempting visitors with its irresistible flavours. 

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Bike Shop

Tandem Co
Photo credit: Tandem Co Coffee & Cycle House/Facebook

Tandem Co is more than just a cafe. It also housed a vibrant bicycle shop that catered to cyclists of all kinds. They have an impressive collection of bikes, showcasing the diversity of styles and sizes available. 

Whether you were in need of a simple bike service, had burning questions about cycling, or were searching for the perfect bicycle to match your unique vibe, this cafe is the place to be. 

Photo credit: Tandem Co Coffee & Cycle House/Facebook

The knowledgeable and passionate staff were always at hand, ready to offer expert advice and guidance. If you had a vision for your dream bike or were unsure where to begin, they would gladly assist in building a custom ride from the ground up. 

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Despite its small size, this neighbourhood cafe stood tall as a testament to the power of passion, community, and the simple joy of indulging in tasty treats and delicious coffee.

Tandem Co Coffee and Cycle House is located at 83 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington. Follow them on Facebook for more information.

Published 16-May-2023