Kelvin Grove State College Receives Support for Student Wellbeing Centre and Mental Health Program

student wellbeing
College Executive Principal Joel Buchholz and Queensland Minister for Education Grace Grace with the students (Photo credit: Kelvin Grove State College/Facebook)

Kelvin Grove State College is set to receive a $50,000 boost to help the school enhance its programs for mental health and student wellbeing for its junior, middle, and senior school students.

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The school will use the funding for two key initiatives – $10,000 to implement the “Grow Your Mind” social and emotional wellbeing program in its junior school and $40,000 to upgrade facilities at its Student Wellbeing Centre for middle and senior students.

Photo credit: Kelvin Grove State College/Facebook

The school currently runs a number of programs to proactively support student health and wellbeing. Kelvin Grove State College is also a recipient of state support from a $106-million Student Wellbeing Package that places GPs, psychologists, and other wellbeing professionals in schools across the state. A psychologist provides mental health support at the school as part of that program.

student wellbeing
Commonwealth Minister for Education Jason Clare (Photo credit: Kelvin Grove State College/Facebook)

The $50,ooo support is part of a broader $35.8 million Commonwealth Student Wellbeing Boost, announced during a visit to the school by Commonwealth Minister for Education Jason Clare and Queensland Minister for Education Grace Grace.

The Student Wellbeing Boost will provide $35.8 million in total for Queensland’s 1,797 schools to invest in student mental health initiatives. The funding amounts for each school were developed in consultation with Catholic and independent school representatives.

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Joel Buchholz, Executive Principal at Kelvin Grove State College, welcomes the new funding. “This will help us enhance skills to support mental health and wellbeing in younger students and also enhance our facilities where all students and families can confidently access our wide range of wellbeing support staff and resources,” he said.

“Good mental health and wellbeing have a significant impact on young people’s engagement with education and their learning outcomes,” said Mr Clare.

“That’s why we are boosting funding to support the wellbeing of students in Queensland and right across the country.”

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The announcement follows a broader five-year $307.18 million agreement between the Commonwealth and states/territories to deliver the National Student Wellbeing program, of which Queensland schools will receive $91.75 million.

Published 17-August-2023