Kelvin Grove Teenager Henry Coward Launches Toll Cashback Program to Help Motorists Save on Toll Costs, Promote Local Businesses

toll cashback program Henry Coward
Photo credit: Linkt/Facebook

After watching his parents regularly spend a significant sum on toll fees commuting to work and ferrying him and his siblings to extracurricular activities, 15-year-old Henry Coward came up with a creative solution that helps people save money AND businesses make money.

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Henry Coward’s entrepreneurial journey began after he emerged victorious at a Young Entrepreneurs competition organised by the University of Queensland, where he and other participants were challenged to devise solutions for addressing local issues within Brisbane.

Drawing from his own family’s experience, Henry set up Tollz, an innovative toll cashback program aimed at slashing toll costs, alleviating the burden of living expenses, and providing support to local businesses. 

toll cashback program
Tollz Founder Henry Coward (Photo supplied)

Driven by the desire to assist pandemic-affected businesses in the area and mitigate road congestion, whilst alleviating the financial strain on motorists utilising tolls, Henry conceptualised Tollz as a comprehensive toll cashback program that would be a win-win situation for everyone involved. 

“When I realised the costs of tolls could be covered through a cashback program, which would also support local businesses who have been doing it tough in recent years, it was such a no-brainer, I was determined to make it a reality so we could all start reaping the rewards,” he shared.

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How Tollz Works

Photo credit: Tollz/Facebook

In order to start earning Tollz rewards, one needs to register on their website. The registration process is quick, taking less than a minute, and joining is completely free. 

Once registered, users can immediately begin shopping and earning rewards. Additionally, users have the option to link their Linkt account to their Tollz account during the registration process or at any other convenient time. 

To expedite the launch of Tollz in a swift and secure manner, the Brisbane-based startup has collaborated with the reputable and regulated cashback provider, “Super-Rewards,” leveraging their expertise in rewards programs and payment capabilities.

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Henry’s toll cashback program has established connections with numerous renowned brands and products, including Big W, Hellofresh, Subway, Virgin,, and Liquorland. 

Any business keen on joining this program can sign up free of charge, enabling their customers to start saving on tolls by making regular purchases either in-store or online, driving customers to the participating establishments and cultivating much-needed repeat business in the process.

Find out more about Tollz here .

Published 22-May-2023